Reconstruction of the Second Ring Road in Fujian, green lighting highlights the miraculous effect

A few days ago, the reporter learned from the Taijing section of the West Second Ring Road Reconstruction and Reconstruction Headquarters that in order to cooperate with the renovation of the street scene, Taijiang District will extensively refine the night scenes of the Vientiane City and Heze Temple in Baolong City. It is reported that the project will be completed before May this year. According to the construction personnel, these three places are obvious landmark buildings in the Taijiang section of the West Second Ring Road. However, after every night, the lights are dim and it is difficult to reflect its characteristics. In order to cooperate with the renovation of the road streetscape, the three nights will be remodeled. It is reported that these three lighting designs will meet the requirements of floodlighting in urban buildings, combining geographical location, environment and functionality with the characteristics of the building itself; using LED green lighting is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In addition, nighttime lighting combined with the daytime environment allows the lighting product to be as unaffected as possible during the daytime visual effects of the building. According to the construction staff, in the lighting night scene design, the lower part of the main building of the Vientiane City will use warm color flooding to integrate people into the business environment and find the feeling of going home. The upper part of the building is covered with white metal halide floodlights. Really reflects the color of the building and advertising patterns. The top of the building will be outlined with LEDs to give the building's majestic style. Vientiane City's towering and straight three beams of light, through the façade of the floodlights and the color of the internal LED color, coupled with the huge lighting torch at the top, reflects the vibrant and beaming scene.


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