LeTV Super TV S50 ROOT cracking method

The following is based on the S50 test, X60 and S40 in my experience is also available as one, one key root article Warning: Because root users can delete the system files, so beyond the delete operation of this post may cause the system to become a brick, it is recommended Users should not delete files at will, and the resulting consequences are not responsible for this. In order to determine that the reader of this post agrees with this statement, I will set the root process as the reply visible, and the respondent will agree to this statement.

One-click root tool was released, the specific use of the method is

1, first open your TV, press the TV remote control settings button, enter the system options, and then the last one on the machine, see the first is the machine's ip address, write down, etc. will be used
2. Download the one-click root tool on a local area network computer that is the same as your TV. You must pay attention to this point. This computer must be in the same LAN as your TV. Otherwise, it cannot be root.
3, unzip it on the computer, double-click on the computer to run
Onekey.cmd, enter the IP address you just recorded, press enter, and wait for the screen to end
4, the end of the screen, root success
5. After root succeeds, everyone returns to the operation on the TV. At the end of the leUI interface, a superuser rights manager and es file manager are found, indicating that the root succeeded.

The new version of UI3.0 may be invalid in the above method. Now we give the ROOT method of UI 3.0. Students who want to optimize can also follow this procedure. My optimization is based on Baidu's one-click root operation. Please use that. Smart remote control, as follows:

1, download Baidu a key root mobile phone version to U disk, download here http://root.baidu.com/
2, the TV plug in the U disk, to the file management to find the file you just downloaded, double-click to install
3, the installation is complete, click Run
4, enter Baidu a key root, click a key to obtain root privileges, the following figure is for reference only

5, root process, will download a tool to confirm the download and installation, Baidu will continue root
6, may fail, restart the TV and start from the above step 3, it will succeed.
Note: 1. root does not affect the upgrade, but re-root after firmware upgrade
2, some machines may be rooted after poisoning, so when the warranty says poisoning on it, in fact, your TV is generally a bad hardware problem, maintenance staff will not see if you are not root, general repair hardware