Apple Internet TV project is suspended for a reason or monthly fee of 35 US dollars

The Internet TV service (watching live TV channels via the Internet) has become a business of Chaoyang, and Apple is also developing and launching its own branded services. According to the latest news, Apple has temporarily suspended the development of this service, and its monthly pricing may be about 35 US dollars.

According to reports of mainstream online media company BusinessInsider, recently, Les Moonves, chief executive of CBS, said that CBS is negotiating the authorization of live channel with Apple, but Apple's current project development is temporarily "pressed." Pause button".

On Tuesday, BusinessInsider hosted the "Ignition Conference" in New York City. Morvins said on the stage: "We had conversations with Apple, but I think they pressed the pause button."

Mavens revealed that in the negotiations between Apple and CBS, the two sides have reached a consensus that the monthly fee for Apple's Internet TV service is between 30 and 40 US dollars. During the time, Morvins talked about the price of 35 dollars. However, Apple has already decided to suspend negotiations and rethink cooperation.

CBS is one of the three major traditional television stations in the United States. It has a large number of live channels that ordinary people like and Apple has to launch Internet TV services. CBS is one of the television stations that must sign contracts.

Apple's Internet TV service has long been rumored in the industry, and even the media speculated that the service would be unveiled in the spring or autumn new product launch event in 2015. However, at present, the launch of this service will also be 2016 at the earliest.

In the U.S. market, there are a large number of Internet TV services. For example, Sony has introduced services. The cheapest package is a 50-month subscription to watch 50 channels. Satellite TV company Dish also launched a service that costs 20 U.S. dollars to watch more than 20 monthly subscriptions. Channel.

It is reported that the price of U.S. Internet TV services tends to be unified, that is, N channels are used to watch N channels. If Apple's services are priced at 35 U.S. dollars, it may include 35 live channels. In addition, like the entire industry, Apple will include the most popular channels such as ESPN and HBO.

Mavens also said that whether Apple or other companies provide services, Internet TV will become a boom. "Changes will happen. People do not want to pay for TV channels that they no longer watch."

According to BusinessInsider, in the Internet TV service, Apple plans to be unique and adopts a similar business model of Apple's mobile phone software store. That is, in the user's monthly subscription fee, Apple will extract 30% and Qicheng will own a TV station that provides live channels.

In addition, another difficulty in the preparation of Apple's services is that Apple hopes to introduce some channels of local television stations, which may increase the workload of channel authorization negotiations.

Internet TV services will create huge user diversions and threats to traditional cable and satellite television. However, Morvins said that for television stations and channels, the transformation of this mode of communication will not bring much worry.

Morvins said: "As long as we can continue to create or buy quality TV content, we will be better off."

It is worth mentioning that in 2015, Apple introduced a new set-top box Apple TV, the remote control function is more powerful, the user experience is better, which laid the foundation for the living room hardware for the launch of Apple's Internet TV service.