Interview with Chen Yansheng, Chairman of China Lighting Association

Chen Yansheng, Chairman of China Lighting Association, click here to view all news photos Chen Yansheng, Chairman of China Lighting Association, is one of the founders of “Light Fair”. He has participated in previous Light Fairs and witnessed the development of Guzhen Lighting Industry. It also witnessed the progress of the exhibition level of the Fair. How will the lighting industry in the ancient town be upgraded and developed with the help of the Light Fair? What is the trend of the exhibition in the future? With these questions, the reporter made an in-depth interview with Chen Yansheng.

Reporter: What impression do you have on this "Light Expo", what new highlights and new feelings compared with the previous session? Is there any breakthrough in the design, style and quality of the lighting exhibited at this year's "Light Expo"?

Chen: The general feeling is that after a year of efforts, the lighting industry is larger than before and the quality has improved. Judging from the situation of the exhibition, this year, many of the original walls on the second floor were demolished and made into brand pavilions. I think this may be better.

As for the product design, the overall feeling is that some companies have begun to pay attention to product design. The company has a group of its own designers, specializing in the design and development of new products. I think this should be a trend and should be oriented. Go in this direction.

Reporter: Compared with the previous session, what do you think has been improved in the exhibition of the "Light Fair"?

Chen: It should be said that there are many places to change. I am most impressed by the fact that some enterprises in the ancient town are changing their consciousness, that is, the concept is changing. Now I can't hold the traditional concept. Because they are all developing, the international industry is developing, and the domestic industry is developing. I think the change of concept is very important. It is more prominent like Op Lighting. It is not just considering products. In fact, but considering the effect of lighting, giving people a feeling, I think this change is worth promoting.

Reporter: Some people say that the network and information are developed now. You can do business online. You don't have to organize exhibitions or exhibitors. Do you think the exhibition economy still has vitality?

Chen: The exhibition economy has a considerable role in promoting the development of the local economy. Internationally, for example, Germany, where the exhibition economy is most developed, half of the world's largest professional fairs are held in Germany. There are several in almost every city, and they are still worldwide. The Internet has become more developed, and it cannot replace such face-to-face communication between people. I believe that the exhibition economy will not be replaced at least at present.

Reporter: Do you think that in this internationally popular background, which direction should the lighting industry in Guzhen go?

Chen: I think that the lighting industry in Guzhen is relatively large, but the quality problem must be constantly unremitting. I think there are a lot of enterprises in Guzhen, but the quality level is uneven. My opinion is to improve the quality and grade of our products. Some companies are currently at a good quality level, but there are still some small companies still in the original accumulation stage. I think these companies should pay more attention to product quality and survive on quality, so that enterprise development will be longer.

Reporter: The most popular and frequently repeated word in this year's Expo is the word "brand". What do you think of the brand?

Chen: We will definitely develop our own brand in the future. We hope that the ancient town electric light source and lamp will have more independent brands emerging and will be recognized by consumers. To implement the brand strategy, Zhongshan City is also working hard in this direction. I hope that more companies like "Op" and "Huayi" will be able to obtain Chinese famous brands.

Reporter: Guzhen has been the capital of China's lighting industry for several years. Can you position itself on the international lights in the future development? How far do you think it is from the international lights?

Chen: I think it is far from this goal. At present, the world's advanced lighting products are represented by European countries such as Italy and Spain. Their level is world-class. We should say that it is still at the middle and low level. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to work hard to make the ancient town "China Light Capital" truly go to the world.

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