Young people's technology tide product - cool open T55 art TV temperament how?

On November 2nd, 2015, Cooca opened its latest flagship product in Beijing – the K55 with one-piece modular design. Wang Zhiguo (Cool Chairman) announced at the press conference that the T55 adopts an integrated design and Xiaomi The split design of TV 3 is an industry backwards! How different is the integration and splitting? Today, the 7539 Tektronix T55 comes to the HDP evaluation room. With the latest stem "mainly temperament", before we have done cool open T55 Art TV out of the box evaluation - "state is not the same as only for the art" Today, we will give you a more detailed introduction and evaluation cool open T55.

Background introduction: After the promotion of the conference brand, the Kukai brand is positioned as a tidal brand for young people. Cool open team is a group of young people who love toss, creed is play attitude! Cool open T55 is cool to open the brand upgrade occasion launched light luxury feelings, young people's technology tide.

List of parameters:

1, cool open T55 modular upgrade configuration is what?

Due to technological innovation and optimization, the update speed of smart TV chips, memory, flash memory, etc. is getting faster and faster. Relatively speaking, the technology iteration of the screen is relatively slow. If users want to get a better viewing experience and continue to enjoy the latest smart TV hardware configuration, frequent replacement of the TV costs a lot, and secondly it wastes the screen cost that can be saved.

Therefore, Cool Open T55 follows the trend and seizes the needs of consumers, and it has revolutionized the modular upgrade configuration. In other words, the modular upgrade configuration means that the overall configuration of the TV is upgraded by upgrading the configuration of the TV to achieve the best viewing results. The cool open T55 can be upgraded as a smart box. The smart box contains all the core processing chips and system content of the Cool Open T55. Users can update this smart box to achieve the purpose of configuration upgrade, so that cool open T55 continue to maintain a strong configuration.

Replaceable part: smart box

The smart box integrates multiple interfaces. In addition to the broadband interface connected to the CoolTV T55, there are two HDMI IN interfaces, one USB3.0 interface, and one RF interface. Other multimedia devices, such as game consoles, Blu-ray players, etc., are connected to smart boxes through cables and then displayed on the TV. After the smart boxes are upgraded, the compatibility and diversity of the interfaces should be more abundant and expanded.

The user can insert the smart box into the card slot on the back of the CoolTV T55 display and use the playback TV.

2. Why do you think about design?

Most of the TVs are icy, and CoolTV hopes to bring a bit of warmth and artistic temperament to the TV. It offers a variety of bottom materials to choose from, including linen, walnut, and even Van Gogh's “Star, Moon and Night” oil paintings. Users can choose a suitable custom appearance according to the style of the living room to create a more artistic living room atmosphere. Art looks beautiful and the implementation process is very hard. For the first time, linens are used on televisions in large areas and the process is very uncontrollable. However, Cooltech has overcome 131 technological difficulties and achieved mass production. For personalized needs or the pursuit of special, exclusive high-end users, custom home TV frame is cool to open T55 to meet the user to distinguish it from other smart TV brands a feature. The picture is presented in the HDP evaluation room for the upcoming Christmas and New Year's Day special application to cool open company exclusive application custom "Festival Red."

With a rich textured vermilion canvas bottom edging design. Linen won't feel abrupt here, but on the contrary, there is a mix of warmth and splicing with the metal frame. With 7.9mm ultra-thin body, 55-inch IPS material 4K ultra-high-definition screen, using floating borderless design, equipped with JBL A-class 2.1-channel sound system, rear suspension can upgrade subwoofer, support motherboard modular customization upgrade.

CoolTV T55 actual TV frame measurement size is 7.9mm, consistent with the official release data.

Cool open T55 back panel adopts modular design: JBL sound system module, smart box module, TV interface, other modules (power switch, remote control button). The traditional smart TV backplane is basically an all-in-one design. Cool open is unique in this regard.

The JBL sound system module contains 2 silk diaphragm tweeters + 2 mid-high frequency speakers + 2 3 inch low frequency speakers + 20W subwoofer. The red area in the figure below shows details of the sound system.

TV backplane interfaces are: USB interface 2 (USB2.0, USB3.0), smart box port, audio/video input, audio output, coaxial audio output, network port, debug port, RF input, HDMI2.02.

Other modules are: power switch button and remote recovery button. This section will be described in detail below.

Cool open T55 equipped with the corresponding accessories: smart box 1, remote control 1, base 2, M4 screws 4, hex wrench 1, power cord 1, AV adapter cable 1, 7 battery 2, antenna isolator 1, warranty card 1, Instruction Manual 1.

It is worth mentioning that the remote controller is different from the traditional remote controller. The Coolopen T55 remote controller supports two remote control modes, Bluetooth and Infrared. The Bluetooth remote control mode directly turns on Bluetooth in the system settings. The TV is connected to the remote controller automatically and can be in different rooms. Full remote control of the TV; infrared remote control mode requires close to the TV for remote control. Cool open T55 also carries a voice system, supports multiple dialect voice search capabilities, and configure a somatosensory function. If you can't find the remote controller on some day, you can press the search button directly above the power switch on the back of the TV. The remote controller will automatically respond to the sound.

3, super strong sound where?

Audio is one of the cool highlights of Coolopen T55. Its built-in original JBL2.1 channel audio system adopts high, medium and low frequency division design, 2 silk film tweeters + 2 neodymium magnetic frequency speakers + 2 3 inch low frequency speakers. Independent work makes up a really good voice. Equipped with DTS HD decoding and Dolby sound, it was carefully adjusted by Harman's professional gold ear team and received JBL A-level certification.

The sound effects produced in the entire television broadcast process, the silk film tweeter brings the Smilcom female sings to be exquisite and sexy, and the bass effect of the soundtrack after the low frequency processing brings a more profound and shocking presence. JBL sound system The resulting sound perfectly blends the playback scene.

Cool open T55 "single listen" button in the lower right corner, click to enter the JBL Bluetooth speaker mode, when the television and mobile phone Bluetooth docking is completed, the TV screen will be out of screen, the phone plays music, the TV can automatically play music. The sound effects of the cool-on T55 play music are not affected by Bluetooth and are completely lossless. At the same time, the mobile devices such as tablet PCs and mobile phones that have been tested for Android and IOS systems many times have been paired with TV Bluetooth.

Mobile phone connection TV Bluetooth reminder

Mobile TV syncs music

4, UI experience:

4.1 System:

Cool open T55 uses cool to open their own research and development of new cool open 5.0 system, cool open system to redefine the TV operating experience and human-computer interaction interface. The functional modular design presents and supports interactive functions such as dual homepage switching, multitasking management, and personalized desktop. The new Coolopen 5.0 system has been optimized for system depth and is faster to operate. After the test, the TV is switched on for seventeen seconds. Cool open system interface design main simple, only film and television center, cool tour, cool open application circle, the local media 4 main columns.

4.2 Video Resources:

On video resources, the Coolopen T55 uses resources provided by China Internet TV ICNTV and Tencent Video, supports watching popular variety shows, movies, TV dramas, movies at home and abroad, 2015-2016 season officially licensed HD NBA broadcast, and introduced premium HBO products. There are many kinds of video resources such as American dramas, but the Ding Theatre and Penguin Theatre are paid resources. You need to open a membership to watch it for free.

From the latest popular video resources, the test king conducted a random check on the status of the Kukai Kai T55:

Due to access to the content broadcast platform, CoolTV T55 is basically a trailer for popular movies such as "Charlotte Troubles" "Hong Kong", "Qin Shi Mingyue Long Teng Wanli," "The Ant Man," and so on. Qin Shi Mingyue, "Xuan List", "Three Milk Dad", "Spend Thousands of Bone" are all positive films, variety show "Run Brothers Season 3", "Happy Camp," "Kangxi Comes," did not include, variety "follow the Bell Go Adventure, Challenger League to watch.

From the perspective of film and television inclusion, Kukai T55 basically meets the needs of ordinary users. It is believed that with Tencent's continuous investment in content, the content of CoolTV T55 will be even more abundant.

4.3 Game Experience and MEMC:

Kukai has successively entered into strategic cooperation with China Telecom's Love Games, Tencent Games, China Mobile and games. The above three types of games were first launched on the Cool Open game platform. Cool open T55 supports various types of games: popular games, classic games, parent-child games, handle games, remote control games, mobile phone games and other types of somatosensory games.

In order to test the cool-opening promotional MEMC movement compensation ability, the author deliberately chose to try the large-scale game “Riptide Speedboat 2”. In the course of the game, the entire game screen is clear and smooth, and the immersive feeling can also be felt during the progress of the speedboat. There will be no picture stall phenomenon. The effect of the video game screen is more clear with the naked eye, and the effect of the shooting will be biased. In order to meet the curiosity of high-end users, the late HDP evaluation room will also test the cool-off delay by connecting the PS4.

"Riptide Speedboat" game screenshots

"Three Kingdoms" biography screenshot

4.4 How to install third-party software?

Cool open T55 cool open application circle about 301 games, 178 software applications and other types of support for download and installation. Because the cool open T55 does not have built-in live broadcast software, and this may be the needs of some users, so the following evaluation Jun to live broadcast software - HDP live broadcast (U disk installation) as an example, for third-party video broadcast application installation.

The evaluation of Jun in the computer side to download the video broadcast software - HDP live apk package, the U disk into the cool open T55 USB interface to read, select the appropriate apk package to install, after installation is complete, cool open application circle HDP display is as follows , Directly enter the HDP live streaming software to watch the play. HDP live streaming provides real-time broadcast of 1000+ channels and high-definition picture quality. Sand powder can be installed in the same way as the fastest application market sofa manager to expand television applications.

HDP live software installation completed screenshot

HDP live video

5, screen test:

The T55 display module adopts an advanced three-layer integrated design, plus an ultra-thin 2mm light guide plate and floating frameless technology. Adopt 55-inch LG IPS hard screen 4K, 4K ultra high definition resolution is, it is 4 times of 1080P full HD. IPS hard screen LCD response speed is faster, and the motion picture presented is also more smooth. The difference is that with ordinary friends TV, cool open T55 in the backlight film by adding BEF double brightness enhancement film, the screen brightness has been greatly improved, 4K color bright and translucent. How does the screen test behave?

The color performance is still good, the true color is basically restored, and the color transition is relatively natural.

At the same time, the test jun also conducted a light leakage test. In order to have a more realistic test result, the user can view under pure black, white, red, green, blue, and yellow backgrounds. Cool open T55 does not feel light leakage and the color reproduction is real.

Gray-scale test: This test aims to show the performance of the Coocaaut T55 in terms of contrast. In this aspect, the performance involved in the actual viewing of the screen in the dark and brightness and other contrast is not obvious when the sense of layering. According to Xiao Bian observation, the screen of Kukai Kai T55 has already achieved the ideal grayscale performance. Throughout the process from white to black, only the black part 2 is not very clear, which means that the clarity of details of the television in the dark part is relatively high.

6, hardware configuration and local decoding:

Hardware Configuration:

Equipped with Amlogic T866 chip, using Cortex A9 quad-core high-performance processor, using ARM Mali-450 MP4 eight-core graphics processor, the picture quality is more clear. 2G DDR3 dual-channel memory plus 16GB eMMC5.0 high-speed flash memory storage ensures smooth running of smart TV systems and fast reading of applications. Other important hardware also supports dual-band 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0 features to ensure the cool open T55's practicality and playability. The following is the performance of the Buffon T55 Smart TV's security performance Bunny Run as 31,446 points:

Local decoding:

Video decoding run points:

Local playback capability: The video of the evaluation king test includes high-definition video resources in different formats such as 3D format, 4K resolution, and H.265 decoding. Subtitle font size and color change are not supported during playback.

It can be seen that the local video decoding and playback capability is strong. It supports H.265 decoding perfectly and supports 3D playback. However, it does not support the ISO format video. When playing Jurassic world, there is no picture and the card appears during the LG DEMO playback. Phenomenon. In general, the cool open T55 decoding ability is good.

Quality rendering:

7, energy test:

T55 machine power is 150W, in the actual operation process, the measured power off is 0.64W, the screen is always on standby power is 85.5W, video playback power is 71.87W. The above power shots are as follows:

The entire power performance is excellent, the measured power of the shutdown is within 1W of the normal range, and the power of the Cool-on T55 at the steady-state standby exceeds the video playback power.

8, peripheral black technology what ghost?

For the first time, Cooper's deep cooperation with Touchjet Technology in the United States, CoolTouch T55 system integrated Touchjet. Traditional smart TVs only support remote operation, and Touchjet makes CoolTV T55 more unique and supports full-screen touch. The touch mode not only supports manual control, but also perfectly supports pen control, which is suitable for business office and teaching.

Touchjet's built-in camera and infrared sensor, through infrared light scanning tracking touch finger movements, including click, slide and long press, etc., and then calculated by the processor and converted, it becomes a touch operation. Peripheral black technology, smart TV multiple transformation. Unfortunately, the price of the 7999 does not include this peripheral and needs to be purchased separately.

9, cool open T55 evaluation summary:

Cool open T55 innovatively proposed modular upgrade configuration, breaking the shackles of the traditional industry hardware configuration upgrade, creating a new era of smart TV. Cool open with a new brand positioning "play attitude" launched the Art TV cool open T55 overall performance is good.

1, the appearance of 55-inch 4K screen, highly textured linen canvas bottom edging design, the use of suspended borderless design, rear suspension upgradeable subwoofer, support motherboard modular customization upgrade, customizable design, make the product more Artistic sense. The screen supports a wide viewing angle of 178°, and the image quality is larger and clearer. Infrared Bluetooth dual remote control, full of personality.

2, Cool open system 5.0 design is simple and generous. Support for personalized desktops, just like using a computer desktop. The content resources are still not rich enough to be improved. Install third-party applications can be installed through the U disk and installed in the cool open application circle.

3, for the pursuit of high-definition movie quality and hardcore gamers, cool open T55 strong performance. Cool open uses JBL2.1 channel sound system, surround sound further enhance the experience. Screen color reproduction is true, there is no light leakage.

4, TV hardware configuration performance is good. Using Cortex A9 quad-core CPU, ARMMali-450 MP4 eight-core GPU, 2G DDR3 dual-channel memory plus 16GB eMMC5.0 high-speed flash memory storage portfolio, to ensure the smooth running of cool TV smart TV system and application of fast read. The local decoding capability is strong and supports H.265 hard decoding.

5, can support peripheral black technology, enhance smart TV performance. At present, the T55 market price is 7999 yuan.