Use Thunder to see and Tencent video DLNA projected onto smart TV box

The DLNA projection gameplay is really too rich. Now computer-based Thunder and Tencent video also support DLNA projection. Today, I simply told everyone to use the DLNA function of Thunder to project video to LeTV C1S, so that I can see Thunder on the flat screen TV to see online and local video programs. Other smart TV boxes are similar operations.

Tip: Mobile phones and boxes that theoretically support airplay software can support it. That is to say, I installed Thunder on my computer to see if you installed the software on your phone, box, tablet, etc. You can support the Thunder to view the DLNA video playback projection, but you have to make a self-test.

1, download and install Thunder to see the latest version to your computer (self Baidu download), open right click on this will see the DLNA play options, see below:

2. Download the free version of AirPlay to your Celebrity Box C1S. After installation, open it (do not use it later). After you open it, it will automatically generate the name of ITV@. Please record it conveniently to see if it is inside the Thunder.
Note: AirPlay free version if you are prompted to upgrade please cancel (after the upgrade is the professional version has a time limit)

3, when you choose Thunder to see DLNA play, this option will pop up, at this time we choose ITV@102, you may not be this, subject to actual.
See below:

ITV@102 This is automatically generated by the box-end AirPlay program. Yours may not be this.
LETV@BOX This is a music box C1S comes with, but select this option will prompt "The device does not support the video format, only supports the following format video"

as the picture shows:

4, after the selection of ITV@102, Thunder took a look at the above video and immediately cast it onto the music box C1S. Gradually enjoy it. See below:

Another: Tencent video and Thunder to see the same operation, but there is a little bit of difference when the projection operation, Tencent video DLNA press the location shown in the figure, and then select the device you want to cast, then the next operation and Thunder to see Same thing.