Ultra-dimensional ecology is popular in the video conference eight conjecture

On the afternoon of November 26, the popular microblogging website of the popular website released posters, announcing that the popular television will be formally released in Shanghai on December 10, and another army of Internet TV will formally launch an attack.

On September 23 this year, Fengtai, Oriental Pearl, Haier, Gome and other four companies held a strategic conference in Beijing, announcing the concept of "Ultradimensional ecology" and chanting "3 million 12 million TV sales for 3 years". The slogan, for the product, did not disclose more. Now that the conference is on the verge of being the most concerned part of the consumer, we have organized the eight conjectures of this conference.

One, 4K resolution

With the evolution and development of television products and the pursuit of quality of life for users, 4K is undoubtedly the future direction of television development. High-resolution display can bring more realistic viewing experience to users. Nowadays, 4K content is also not rare and gradually becomes more abundant. The necessity of buying 4K TV will also increase day by day. Internet TV brand new microwhales released 55-inch and 43-inch TVs in August and November respectively. Both products are 4K. For high-end and low-priced internet brands, 1080P products may become history and become popular. In the poster that was 10 days away from the conference, the net was conjectured with a product of 38,402,160. It also confirmed that the popular TV will adopt a 4K display.

Second, the price refreshes the bottom line again

As a member of the popular TV ecology and also a popular shareholder, Zhao Chi will be responsible for the hardware manufacturing of popular television. Siu Chi team has more than 20 years of television design and manufacturing capacity accumulation, design and manufacture TV for Philips, Sony, Sharp and other top brands, and also the first listed company in TV ODM domestically. It can be said that years of accumulation can make Siu Chi in cost control. There is an absolute advantage in manufacturing technology. In addition, in the ultra-dimensional ecology, major companies are bundled with equity to form a complete Internet television industry chain, and also save a lot of unnecessary cooperation expenditures. In the current television industry, such a combination is the only one. With the above two points, popular television has an absolute cost advantage. Coupled with the current cost-effective play of Internet TV, popular television can definitely bring about stunning prices.

Third, powerful video content

The content is the core of Internet TV, and it is also a point that every Internet TV maker attaches great importance to. The integration with the Oriental Pearl (formerly BesTV) in terms of shares allowed TV to have an inherent advantage in terms of content. Oriental Pearl is one of the seven largest licensees. After ten years of IPTV, it has the most powerful content library in the industry, and there is support for SMG's powerful program production capabilities. These are enough to make television popular in contention.

Fourth, the ecological coalition injects new forces

Through the previous understanding, we know that the ultra-dimensional ecology of popular television is open. The iron triangle constructed by Oriental Pearl, Mega, and Fengyi can accept more companies to join the alliance. Not only Haier and Gome, but also more companies can increase the overall strength of the ultra-dimensional ecological system. win. The conference is likely to have new members to join, quite worth the wait.

Fifth, the appearance of new technology

The appearance is always a point that cannot be overlooked. Process technology and design are all important elements of high-quality products. We believe that the basis and level of Siu Chi will not marry its own signs, and the product appearance or design may have new bright spots.

Sixth, system improvement

Nowadays, in the smart TV products, the system UI design is very different, there are main functions, there are main and convenient, it can be said that the system is an important part of the direct impact on the consumer experience, it is also very important. The system will not be accidentally created by the popular team, popular in the software and video playback technology are strengths. As a result of the popularity of the edge broadcast technology, the previous decline was not lost on the technical level, but defeated the copyright dispute. Therefore, in the popular television system design, the popular technical strength will be fully realized.

Seven, starting product is not only a

Siu Chi has been transforming the Internet for many years. This year, he will also be popular in his own pocket and ready to invade the Internet TV industry. As a product's first appearance, a TV is not thirsty for them, so it is very likely that there will be a variety of products appear at the same time.

VIII. Invite a heavy star to help out

As a member of Chaowei Ecology, it is also the Oriental Pearl of the popular second shareholder. Behind it is the support of SMG Shanghai Oriental Media. SMG owns famous hosts such as Wang Zijian and Cheng Lei, Zhang Jiayi and Chen Quan, and if there are no accidents, there must be stars at the conference. As for who we are, we can only wait and see.