Microsoft predicts 2016: Online video will surpass broadcast TV

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft Research has looked forward to scientific and technological advances for the next 10 years and a total of 16 predictions. Microsoft Research's predictions are very extensive, covering everything from new types of processor technology to big data ethics. The following is a partial prediction from Microsoft Research:

The Internet Surpasses TV: Hsiao-Wuen Hon, vice president of Microsoft Research Asia, predicts that online video will “surpass broadcast TV in 2016. In China, people watching the Olympic Games through the Internet will exceed TV”, in other words, now It may be a good time for television broadcasters to stop trying to stop users from giving up cable television services and truly embrace the entertainment Internet.

Stylus maturity: Lead researcher Bill Buxton predicts that stylus-based computing technology will prevail in 2016. This prediction seems reasonable enough, especially considering that Apple has configured an Apple Pencil stylus for the iPad Pro.
New processor types: Chris Bishop of the Microsoft Research UK Cambridge Division predicts that "a completely new type of processor optimized for high-intensity machine learning loads will have significantly better performance than GPU."

Big data ethics has become a big issue: The privacy issue of data collection is a hot topic, and according to chief researcher Kate Crawford, 2016 will be the turning point in big data business ethics. She predicted that in order to better understand the impact of large-scale data collection and experimentation, data ethics will become a "required course" for data science projects.