The application of Weixi LEVI705C in ammonium sulfate evaporation system

I. Overview

The dimension control LEVI705C touch screen is a new man-machine interface, it uses TFT LCD display, has the advantages of high brightness, large viewing angle. The LEVI705C is easy to use, reliable, and stable in operation. It is widely used in industrial control and industrial production.

Dimension Controls has developed a configuration development tool for the LEVI705C. It uses a simple interface layout and is easy to use. It has a large number of beautifully-made vector image libraries and bitmap image libraries, enabling developers to create stunning human-machine images in a short period of time.

The production of ammonium sulfate is a complex chemical process. The user requires the control system to monitor and control all aspects of ammonium sulfate production. Therefore, instruments were installed at different stages of the ammonium sulfate evaporation production line to display the key data at each production site to provide guarantees for safe production and reliable production.

Because the instruments are relatively dispersed, in order to be able to view the parameters of these instruments in a centralized manner and to set the parameters of the instrument, the system uses the LEVI705C as a centralized display control device of the instrument.

Second, the industry background
The various instruments that monitor the ammonium sulfate production process are connected in series via the 485 bus. Each instrument has a different station number. LEVI can monitor the production data of each instrument through the 485 bus. At the same time, through the 485 bus protocol, it can be applied to the instrument. Parameter settings, the principle shown in Figure [1]:

The LEVI705C communicates with the instruments on the RS485 bus via the MODBUS protocol (or a protocol compatible with the instrument manufacturer) and can centrally display the parameters of each instrument. At the same time, the parameters of the meter can also be corrected.

III. Function description  System overview of ammonium sulfate evaporation process  Monitoring data of each key production display  Level display of each reaction tank  Level flow indication

Fig. 2 Overview of the ammonium sulphate evaporation control system  Internal parameter settings of the instrument  View of key parameters of the instrument