Smart TV boot slow? Do not worry, mountain people have their own

Nowadays, the smart TV industry is in a period of rapid development. Products have changed from user habits, usage patterns, and content construction. Once again, the color TVs that are gradually being neglected are revived. From the ever-rising data, it can be seen that smart TV is indeed the future development. trend. However, with the development of smart TVs, some problems have never disappeared. For example, operating systems began to transplant mobile phones, the operation is complicated, the boot speed is slow, and many functions are not practical, etc., and various marketing methods and concepts also give consumers an edge. Fog. In the face of the above problems, I as an amateur drumstick TV enthusiast brings the most intuitive introduction to boot speed, functions, and content experience.

Users of smart phones should have encountered such problems. When surfing the Internet through smart phones, downloading applications and games, the phone will become very slow after a while, and the boot speed will start to slow down. This kind of problem also exists in smart TVs. The reason why even higher-end TVs start at a slower speed is that smart TVs have many similarities with computers and mobile phones. The system configuration is more complicated. The function of watching TV programs is integrated in the system. Users install a lot of applications. Each time the system is turned on, many boot-up systems must be self-checked, and one-of-a-kind services will naturally take a long time.
In addition to too much content, the product's optimization and configuration of the operating system also have an impact on boot time. Therefore, domestic TVs are highly intelligent, equipped with many additional functions, and have too much content to load at the time of booting, which takes a long time. In the face of slow startup problems, many manufacturers have also taken measures to use "CPU + GPU" dual-core processor, six-core super engine and other technologies, through a powerful hardware configuration, making the operating speed can be improved, but want to reach the ultrabook or Even at the level of opening and watching, TV manufacturers need to work hard.

The TV is booting slowly. How to optimize it? Here are a few tips for everyone:

If the TV supports software installation, you can download a sofa butler yourself. In the toolbox there is a function to clear the cache and installation package, help the TV to clear the Internet cache or some unused software packages (this cool TV is better, because Cool Kai new products come with TV butlers, you can deep clean the TV cache, help TV to optimize); If you can not install the software, it is recommended to open your own TV browser, manually clear the traces or delete unused bookmarks, favorites, etc.; for some Unused software can be uninstalled, develop a good habit of external storage devices when installing software; regular maintenance of the TV, in the TV after the sale there to consult some of the methods of television maintenance, do not wait until the TV has a problem before remember Contact sales.

I hope my methods and suggestions can help everyone, if there is better than this, you can come to this post.