Shanghai Waigaoqiao Pump Control System

Solution requirements Shanghai Waigaoqiao pumping system is an important component of Shanghai's flood control and drainage system. Its uniqueness and importance require that the system's information network must be a redundant, open, reliable and easily scalable industrial network. We chose the ZVANCOM-Carat6508 series of redundant ring network switches with high performance and high reliability, and the main components are redundant configurations. Because the distance between three nodes is about one kilometer, ZVANCOM-Carat6508 switch is selected. The networking is simple and easy to operate. In the event of network failure (such as optical fiber interruption, node device failure, etc.), optical channel protection is automatically implemented. , Power failure alarm function. Provide protection and network topology self-healing recovery function, protection switching time <300ms. Dual power supply circuit, support hot backup function and overvoltage, overcurrent and lightning protection.

Network topology