NP311 for Power Distribution Network Management System

An important task faced by the modern power and energy industry is the real-time monitoring of distribution networks and energy distribution networks to ensure maximum efficiency in the use of electricity and energy. In order to ensure the transmission of power and energy to the required area of ​​use, the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is one of the most important equipments in distribution network monitoring. In the past, communication between RTUs used a multi-station RS-485 bus, but the current trend is to use TCP/IP Ethernet networks. This type of RTU allows engineers to perform the following two important tasks: One task is to remotely detect the power that needs to be used. Considering that the power supply company is responsible for the quality of the power supply for hundreds or thousands of power lines, it is easy to find that rapid detection requires power. Capabilities are crucial to effectively balance power generation and electricity use and save energy. Another important task of the RTU network system is to maintain redundant hardware and software systems. These two tasks can be conveniently implemented using the TCP Server/Client operating mode of the NP311 network data transmitter. The multi-point data transmission capability directly supports the RTU redundant control system.