Mango TV Live: See Mango's Exclusive "Graduate Year"

"Grade One University Season" is an original campus documentary program launched by Hunan Satellite TV and Shanghai Theatre Academy. The program is a new perspective to record the learning and life of freshmen of the Shanghai Theatre Academy.
The star teachers Dawei Dawei, Yuan Hao, Huang Zhizhong, and Liu Wei will lead the deaf students to attend the study. The program centered on the professional learning needs of students in performing arts and dramas, and started the theme learning and assessment of a series of art professional knowledge such as music, performance, body and dance.
The program has been broadcasted at 22:00 every Saturday evening from October 31st, 2015, with "Idol Comes," and the Mango TV broadcasts on the entire network at 0:00 the next day.

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The "Grade One University Season" will continue the model of the star teacher + acquaintance student. Based on this, the Hunan Satellite TV Alliance will openly recruit enrolled students across the country to study and live together with the formal opera students and star teachers. Stars who have graduated from the opera will all appear on the show.

Program positioning
The "Grade One University Season" will continue to tell the story of a group of first-year freshmen after entering the campus. This is a serious but crucial proposition for the first-year university art education from the interaction among students, teachers, schools, and parents. As a TV program, the addition of a star element can naturally bring corresponding attention, but Hunan Satellite TV has once again challenged this law. In the “first grade university season”, college students with different personalities are the absolute focus.

"Grade 1" is the first time in China's TV screen to truly show the campus life of first-year freshmen. With the "fresh, crisp, and positive energy" tone, it shows the advanced concept of advanced art education and the excellence of the education front. The spiritual outlook reminds the whole society and parents of helping teenagers grow up happy and spend the "social convergence" phase.
The vegan programming model is both a bold innovation and a way to more faithfully demonstrate the natural state of young people's education, and pays tribute to teachers who take on university education, especially the first year of university education.