Infinico i9 dual core stone brush ROM tutorial

Preparation tools:
(1) To brush the box Infinik i9 (dual core) one;
(2) Phillips screwdriver for removing the box;
(3) U disk one;

First, download the installation kit download the toolkit from the following address, and extract the two apk files (Download: tool.rar (21.38 MB, Downloads: 0) )

1. Install BaiduRoot_2001.apk (click "Finish" and "Do not open" after installation).
2. Install ShiTouRoot_v1.0.1.0519.apk (click "Finish" and don't "Open" after installation).
3, using Baidu root a root. (Note that you need to use the mouse mode on the remote control or an external mouse to operate)

4, after the success of root, use ShiTouRoot to write recovery.

5, the downloaded into the U disk root directory. Plug into the USB1 port of the box.

6, power off, as shown in the rescue button, power on, automatically enter the brush machine screen, release the grabbed hand, waiting for the brush machine to complete.

Install the sofa butler: , the perfect companion for the Infinik box!

Infinik firmware: H8 chip (i6/i9/i12 eight core) Andrews 4.4 pass brush