Exposure! Is it true that the Thai letter box and Skyworth cooperation smart one machine is true?

It is reported that the cooperation between the Thai letter box and Skyworth Group is about to launch an intelligent one machine. This is undoubtedly a blessing to the mass consumers. As the twenty-year-old company that is deeply cultivating radio and television, Taixin Electronics is deploying smart homes, connecting the smart terminals in the home to better experience modern home life and benefiting once in a lifetime. Take the Iphone6S, which was listed on the market some time ago, and it has already brushed the circle of friends. In addition to Apple’s brand influence, it is more convenient and pleasant experience that the masses expect from intelligent devices. Will Skyworth's smart integrated machine be the standard in future homes, and what surprise will it bring to the public?

TV is like the mobile phone is the nearest terminal in people's daily life, but also the family living room necessary. But now the smart TV in the user's home only acts as a monitor. If you want to play its big-screen function, you must connect a wide-area set-top box or network set-top box. In addition to the extra costs for the user, there is a mess of wiring, which affects both the appearance and the dazzling. Every time you look at the content of different programs, you have to plug and unplug the cable. It's too much trouble!

The integration of Thai and Skyworth has solved the above existing problems. Taixin virtual set-top box is based on the most advanced download CA technology. The contribution of Thai letter to the industry is to enable digital TV and the Internet to merge together, and to quickly and easily connect the Internet to digital television. If you really want to see it, digital TV, Internet TV can be watched at any time on mobile phones, pads, and televisions, without affecting each other, anywhere in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen! At the same time, it helps television operators to step into the ranks of the Internet and stand at the perspective of TV operators to achieve triple play.

In the program video resources, Thai letter has dual authorization! In addition to high-definition, non-dating live cable TV, news, sports events, large-scale hot variety, etc. to see, it also built a number of platforms, large-scale film and television, exclusive children's education channel, no longer make television a stumbling block to delay children's learning. ” That is, that is to say, to learn. There are more than one TV in the house and you can watch TV for free with only one payment.

Surprise is more than this! Thai letter box + old TV + Skyworth one machine = two smart TVs! It is so amazing! It is so bullish! For more information, please visit the official website of the Thai letter to check!