3D exclusive! Problems encountered when watching 3D movies on Skyworth TV

The immersive feeling of 3D movies in theaters is utterly addictive, and the launch of 3D TV allows us to take this experience home and lay down on the sofa to enjoy a 3D trip with our family. However, in the actual viewing process, we may encounter a variety of problems. Here is a list of some of them and their solutions. We hope to help everyone.

1. What should I do when the screen shows up and down or left and right pictures when the 3D TV plays 3D source?

During 3D playback, press the "Menu" button of the remote control. At this time, pop up the menu at the bottom of the TV screen, select "3D Settings" - "3D Mode" and select according to the playback screen of the video. If the screen shows two left and right screens, select “Left and Right”.

3D images enable people to enjoy images that are full of the sense of presence, but there are also problems such as the eyes are easily fatigued and the mood is easily affected. The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has decided to formulate relevant standards, so that image makers do not produce images that are too three-dimensional.

Second, see 3D dizziness solution

The imaging principle of 3D TV is to use the shutter glasses to close quickly and make the left and right eyes see different TV pictures. However, due to the existence of persistence of vision, when watching 3D TV programs, the human eye will feel that “positions have a certain distance but overlapping images”, which is another factor that causes 3D “ghosting” and directly causes “dizziness”. . Dizziness and fatigue can be exacerbated when watching fast-paced football matches or moving pictures for a long time.

1.3D "ghost" effect is not too deep

2. Look at the 3D attention time. It is not appropriate to watch 3D images for a long time. The usual saying is prone to dizziness, nausea and so on. It is because in the process of watching 3D images, the human eye has to pay more attention to changing images. It can be imagined that the eyes are more tired at this time. of. Therefore, watching 3D TVs should not be too long. If you are used to sitting in front of your TV for a whole day, then you shouldn't bring this kind of habit to 3D TVs. Pay attention to watching the 3D TV for too long, or take a pause and let the eye get a proper rest.

3. Look at the 3D attention angle. Generally speaking, sitting in front of a 3D TV is the best way to watch a 3D TV. In extreme terms, looking at the picture from the side of the 3D TV is totally different from the way it looks in the middle. This is because the perspective of the 3D TV is smaller than that of the ordinary 2D TV. If it is a naked-eye 3D display technology, only adjusting the different viewing angles of the human eye to adapt to the playback angle of the 3D screen can achieve the best 3D effect when the two are consistent.

Third, Skyworth TV how to play online 3D is no longer limited

1, see the iQIYI 3.0 can be used to bring up the 3D menu, but the embarrassing 55E380S only 2D to 3D function, even inside the idyll 3D can not see. This road does not work at all.

2, also noted that it may be related to the TV model, TCL version of the iQIYI 3.01 movie, it seems Skyworth can not use it.

3, after several days of repeated trials of various software, simply can not play, had to give up. Pain, my Japanese love action movie in Baidu cloud.

4, Baidu TV cloud has not tried, because it simply can not be broadcast, go back to the picture where you go, do not know if you can not, should not be, or else there will not be so many people ask how to broadcast 3D problems Now.

Here is the moment of witnessing miracles

1, after the iQIYi method can be learned, as long as in the "my application" to open a call 3D, only without exiting "my application" will always be valid.

2. Inadvertently discovered that Kaleidoscope version 1.1001 (providing version number is afraid of other version changes) has an "application" - "all applications" or "application management", and after entering the system integration software will also appear in it, Point "Baishi online" or "movie center" or "Europe HD" or "skyvideoplayer", etc., can open the system integrated "skyvideoplayer", smoothly open up the 3D menu options, enjoy it, other Everything is a cloud. 3

3, the most convenient is the direct point skyvideoplayer, direct call system integration player. Others need to find a movie in it to play, and then call the system integration player adjustment.

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