Cree LED has the highest record in the industry

At the annual general meeting of shareholders at the end of October, Cree Chairman and CEO Chuck Swoboda demonstrated an A-lampLED bulb with an output of 969 lumens at 102 lm/W. According to CREE, this latest achievement is currently the industry's highest lumen output and efficiency record.
The light output of this LED bulb is equivalent to a 65W incandescent bulb, but its power is only 9.5W. The A-19 bulbs presented in this demonstration use CREE's latest development and production of XLamp® XP-GLED and TrueWhite patented technology. The A-19 bulb emits 2800K of warm white light and the CRI reaches 91. CREE indicates that all of this data has been certified by a third party.
Swoboda said that every improvement in LED components is likely to lead to new applications. "We are excited that we not only show the world what we do, but also meet people's expectations for LED bulbs."
Philips has recently become the first competitor to submit a LED luminaire to the LPrize Lighting Design Competition (60 watt incandescent lamp replacement product design competition) organized by the US government. The competition requires that the light output of an LED bulb that replaces the traditional 60W incandescent lamp should exceed 900. Lumens, energy consumption is less than 10W, luminous efficiency exceeds 90lm/w, CRI should also exceed 90, and color temperature is in the range of 2700-3000K. The lamps submitted by Philips are currently being evaluated by all parties.
It is still unclear whether CREE will launch this LED bulb in the future, or provide a technology license, or sell this LED to a lighting manufacturer such as GE? All this is still unknown.

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