Application on CNC machine tools

Most of the main drive systems of CNC machine tools use continuously variable speed. At present, there are mainly two types of continuously variable transmission systems: frequency conversion spindle system and servo spindle system. DC or AC spindle motors are generally used. Drive the spindle through the belt drive, or drive the spindle through the belt drive and the reduction gear in the spindle box (for greater torque). Due to the wide speed range of the spindle motor and stepless speed regulation, the structure of the spindle box is greatly simplified. At present, due to the high performance-to-price ratio of the frequency converter, the frequency converter is very popular on the machine tool. With its unique performance and superior cost performance, Jinken inverters have gradually emerged in the application of CNC machine tools.

System main performance requirements:
(1) Small speed fluctuations in the full speed range;
(2) Low torque at low speed can ensure low speed cutting;
(3) The time for acceleration and deceleration is as short as possible.