Application of ICPDASPAC in Meteorological and Hydrological Monitoring System

Background introduction:
With the application of new instruments and technologies for hydrological testing, the automatic collection, automatic storage and automatic transmission of basic hydrological information (such as water level, rainfall, and flow rate) have not only greatly reduced the workload of hydrological staff during Gao Hong's period. But also significantly improve the timeliness and accuracy of hydrological information monitoring.
After water level and rainfall are automatically collected and automatically transmitted, the observers only need to inspect the instrument once a day. If the instrument is operating normally, manual observation is not required, and it is attended by people and left unattended. If the water level and rainfall information can be changed according to the changes of water and rain conditions and flood prevention requirements, the frequency of automatic collection and automatic transmission of water rain information can be modified at any time to meet the needs of flood prevention and forecasting.

Traditional hydrological monitoring systems generally use PLC or IPC+ acquisition cards as front-end data acquisition. If you use a PLC, because of the limitations of the PLC itself, you must use the Panel PC to store data and communicate with the remote information center. Also shows the status of the site PLC. Because the IPC+ acquisition card is expensive, plus the IPC is not small, the existence of unstable factors such as fans, hard drives, etc. greatly reduces the reliability of the system. And use this, the integration is not high It causes duplicate investment and wastes resources. Although Panel PC+PLC solves some inadequacies of IPC, for the entire system, the degree of integration is not high, the number of faulty links increases, and the cost is not low. Wincon-8000 is a RISC-based PAC (Programming Automation Controller). It has all the functions of a PC and provides a wealth of I/O modules. It is easy to integrate field data into an information system. Therefore, a company in Kaohsiung, Taiwan will make full use of the openness of Wincon-8000 to monitor hydrological conditions. The industrial-grade standard WINcon-8000 can not only ensure the stable operation of the customer system, but also make the system simple and easy to maintain, and the cost is reduced.

System architecture diagram:

1. Compared with the traditional model, the cost of IPC is saved. In addition, Wincon-8000 provides VGA interface, USB interface, only need to touch a touch screen to achieve the human-machine function on the scene.

2. Wincon-8000 fanless, no hard disk, using CompactFlash as a storage medium, the largest expansion of 1G space to store the scene data, in addition to the unique design of the operating system, even if the controller's operating system crashes, the data will not be lost. In this application, customers can use the PDA directly in the field to take the saved data.

3. The controller itself has an Ethernet port, a full-modem signal RS232 and an RS485 interface. The user can select multiple access network modes. In this case, the GPRS Modem communicates with other stations via RS232.

4. Flexible and adaptable. The Wincon-8000 series offers 3 or 7 slots for users to use different I/O modules. Including: analog I/O module, switch I/O module, counter module, motion control module, multi-serial module, special function module 6 kinds. You can directly collect rainfall, air pressure, daily radiation, humidity, and other weather information.
5. Wincon 8000 adopts all-industrial design, rail installation method and terminal 10-30VDC power supply mode, which is convenient for industrial field installation and use to ensure the safe and stable operation of Wincon-8000. In addition its wide temperature standard -25-C +75C, to meet the needs of different temperature environments.

6. Built-in WINCE.NET operating system, and support for database operations. Support Web Server function, provide SDK development kit, easy to use VB.NET, C#, Visual C++ and other tools to develop your own application. In this case, customers developed a set of software to actively collect analog data and store the data on a CF card. And each site communicates via GPRS.

Through the use of a system integrator in Kaohsiung in its engineering, it found that Wincon-8000, the PAC product of ICPDAS, was used as a site control and data acquisition server. This not only enabled the entire system to be directly networked but also compared with the original solution, resulting in significant cost savings and stable operation. , reduce the chance of failure.