Xiao Bian Comments: How to Watch Television Correctly to Ensure Health

Ever since the television and the computer were available, more and more children have been wearing glasses. From the past few people in a class of myopia, children who are almost around have brought frames. Glasses take away the child's natural confidence and put a tangible shackle on the future of life. Therefore, to protect children's vision must be grasped from childhood, since childhood to develop good habits, natural vision will not be greatly reduced. Today we talk about how to watch TV properly.

Let children watch less TV

The baby can watch TV quietly and parents are not bored. They all feel relaxed. When a child was in his infancy, many adults watched television either by holding their children or by putting their babies alongside their cradle. As infants and young children were attracted by the sound of television, they often looked sideways at TV. Staying in the same position often may cause strabismus. Long-term watching TV or watching television distance, light, and posture will affect the child's vision, and may cause strabismus, amblyopia, myopia, and so on. Parents should avoid allowing children to watch TV too much.

How to watch TV correctly

1, watching location

The closer the TV is, the greater the stimulus is, and the easier it is to cause eye strain. The best location is that people are 2.5 to 8 meters away from the TV, and their height is slightly lower than the eye level. When it is too high, it is easy to cause fatigue when looking up when looking up; when it is too low, it is prone to fatigue because you need to look down and look down.

2, watching time

If you do not exceed 60 minutes, you should take a rest. It is best to have your eyes closed. Someone has done an investigation. If you watch TV for more than 4 hours without rest, you can drop two lines of vision (0.2). It is easy for children to form myopia by watching television for a long time. If you have children with nearsightedness, watching TV should not exceed half an hour at a time, and you must rest for 10 minutes.

3, ambient brightness

The contrast between the brightness of the TV and the brightness around the room can not be different, otherwise it will cause eye fatigue. To turn off the lights at night to watch TV should keep a low degree of lighting, reduce the contrast between light and dark, the brightness of the book to see the handwriting is appropriate. It is best to watch the TV during the day to draw curtains so that the sun does not shine on the screen and the picture cannot be seen clearly.

4, TV brightness

If the contrast and brightness of the television are too large, although the image is clearer, the brightness of the light is not uniform, so that people's eyesight is concentrated in the light and the eye fatigue is easily caused. If the contrast and brightness are too small, the color of the image is not clear. clear. Therefore, the brightness and contrast of the TV must be adjusted moderately and softly.