Traditional LED package cost pressure highlights COB light source or becomes mainstream

COB light sources have been popular for a long time, and its superior heat dissipation performance and low-cost manufacturing have been sought after by many packaging companies. However, when everyone turned to this unsupported packaging technology, the reliability problems such as light efficiency and longevity could not be guaranteed. Soon, the COB package was silent.

At present, the cost of LED packaging is relatively high, and the overall cost of LED devices is reduced. In addition to materials, a low-cost and high-efficiency package structure needs to be selected. Therefore, how to change the existing package structure and achieve reasonable low package cost has become the most effective and direct way for the industry to improve the penetration rate of the LED lighting market. COB light source has relatively low production cost, obvious heat dissipation function, high packing density and high optical density. Whether it can become the mainstream of packaging has always been the focus of the industry.

According to the survey, the current COB light source market has gradually “returned to temperature”, and some COB light source manufacturers have successively launched new related products.

Technical breakout COB light source gradually warms up

"Compared with traditional LED packaging technology, COB panel light source is very soft and has a very large market, which is a future development direction," said Wang Ruixun, chairman of Riming Technology.

According to the survey, the number of companies doing COB packaging on the market is gradually increasing, and some enterprises have been able to achieve mass production.

Since last year, Japanese manufacturers' COB light source technology has been greatly improved. Many companies have begun to turn to COB packaging mode, COB substrate materials have also been improved, and early copper substrates have been developed to aluminum substrates, and some companies have adopted them. The ceramic substrate gradually improves the reliability of the COB light source.

In March of this year, Citizen Japan launched a multi-chip product, which uses COB technology to store a plurality of blue LED chips in a package, achieving high heat dissipation performance and bringing COB technology to the market again. In addition, Sharp's ceramic plate COB, another major Japanese manufacturer, has also achieved mass production and is one of the few companies in Asia to produce ceramic COB light sources.

On the other hand, although the COB light source has experienced the last round of development pains, many companies continue to research and develop and achieve certain technological achievements. Li Guoping, chairman of Hongli Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., a listed company, said that Hongli Optoelectronics has developed COB light sources using ceramic substrates and aluminum substrates, and has already achieved mass production. The light efficiency has also been greatly improved and the product reliability is good.

“The ceramic substrate can solve the reliability problem of COB well, but its material cost is relatively high, which has certain technical difficulty”, Wang Ruixun said. According to the high-tech LED reporter, the number of domestic energy-generating ceramic COB light sources is increasing, and the application fields of products are gradually expanding. Among them, the ceramic COB package of Riming Optoelectronics has been energy-producing. Since the last year, Shenzhen Jinglande has gradually changed from the traditional aluminum substrate to the use of ceramics. Last year, only COB light source sales reached 20 million yuan. In addition, a number of domestic companies such as Lantian Weiguang and Lite-On have also extended their reach to COB light sources.

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