The price of sapphire has plummeted and the Taiwan factory reported that it is facing a loss-to-loss situation.

Sapphire substrate manufacturer Q2 quickly fell, the upcoming semi-annual report, facing the problem of inventory price loss, may cause the sapphire substrate factory gross profit to turn negative, the first half will also turn from profit to loss. In the first half of the year, Zhaojing (4969), the listed sapphire substrate factory of the listed company, destroyed more than 400 million yuan of inventory price loss. The loss of 3.71 yuan per share in the first half of the year was a heavy loss, while Jingmei (4990) and Hejingguang (5221) It is not rumored that the price has been falling. The semi-annual report does have the pressure to dispel the inventory. In the sapphire substrate factory that has benefited from the past year, the semi-annual report this year is not very good.

Zhaojing announced revenue of 1.63 billion yuan in the first half of the year, operating loss of 145 million yuan, gross loss rate of 8.92%, operating loss of 200 million yuan, loss after tax of 230 million yuan, loss of 3.71 yuan per share.

Zhao Jing said that the most important loss in the first half of the year was due to the inventory price loss, including the sapphire ingot material and its own sapphire substrate. A total of about 400 million yuan was lost. The current sapphire substrate capacity is about 45. Ten thousand pieces, the goal of 600,000 pieces at the end of the year is temporarily unchanged.

At present, Jingmei, the sapphire substrate manufacturer with the largest capacity, also said that the semi-annual report will also deal with the problem of inventory price decline. At present, the monthly production capacity of Jingmei 2吋 substrate is maintained at about 600,000.

Hejingguang said that the price of Q2 has plummeted. The whole industry has been driven by the demand for LED TV and the impact of the earthquake in Japan. Therefore, there are more stocks at the beginning of Q1-Q2. The inventory price loss will affect the performance of the semi-annual report. .

But is this price loss lost after the semi-annual report? The industry said that in fact, the price decline in July is still not small, in terms of 2 吋 substrate, there are still 18-19 US dollars per piece in early July, but now is the buyer's market, customers have changed from Q2 monthly bargaining to The rush order can be negotiated at any time, and the price at the end of July also reached the level of $15-17.

According to the manufacturer, the current market demand is bearish, and the price is still falling. The substrate factory itself is also conservatively purchasing materials from the upstream crystal rod factory, and the self-sufficiency rate of its own crystal rod is also increasing. The mastery of inventory will be very careful.

However, the market has turned around. The LED epitaxial plant, which was overwhelmed by the cost of sapphire substrates last year, also increased its gross profit margin due to the large price cut of sapphire substrates. The gross profit margin of Jingdian (2448) in the second quarter rose sharply. More than 30% appeared in the month, and the legal person estimated that the profit in the second quarter will double from the first quarter.

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