The application of high-precision and low-backlash planetary gear reducer in CNC machine tools

I. INTRODUCTION The transmission source of CNC machine tools comes from the servo electric motor. With the progress of industry, electric motors have also been moving toward precision, high efficiency, simple control and innovation. The mechanical cooperation has also progressed from the conventional screw to the precision ball screw. However, due to the machining of the machine tool itself, the conditions of the load feed system are quite different. It is necessary to add a speed reducer to increase the torque and improve the inertia matching at the load end so that the feed operation will be smooth. Ordinary speed reducers are inefficient, bulky, short-lived, and can't be precisely positioned and controlled, so the use of a high-precision, low-backlash planetary gear reducer is still the best match and can eliminate the difficulties described above.

2. High-precision, low-backlash planetary gear reducer for CNC machine tools High-precision, low-backlash planetary gear reducers are used in most feed devices. This type of reducer can withstand high input speeds and generate high Torque density, high strength torsional rigidity, low backlash, low noise value, easy installation, suitable for any assembly direction, full and complete reduction ratio, make the menu of CNC machine tools enter a more stable and precise realm.

3. High-precision, low-backlash planetary gear reducer has the advantages of compact structure, small size and strong rigidity, and can generate high torque density. The coaxial input and output make the design more flexible and lighter in weight. More than 96% of the high transmission efficiency, maintenance-free, long life, modular design and application and installation is easy, can be applied to positive and negative, good thermal conductivity, not easy temperature rise, it is the best selection of components for CNC machine tools.

4. For the structure and characteristics of APEX reducer, please refer to the widely used introduction template.

V. Application Example 1. The machining center and CNC milling machine can use at least four or more.
X and Y axis feed and rapid feed can increase the feed smoothly, reduce noise, and reduce the cost of servo motor. Because the torque is high, the control is easier, although the load is different, it does not affect the smooth feed. The Z-axis is completely different in the gravity load from the top to the bottom. The addition of a high-precision, low-backlash planetary gear reducer can reduce the load on the servo motor and increase the life of the machine. The tool change mechanism requires fast, accurate positioning and low vibration. The high-precision, low-backlash planetary gear reducer is still the best choice.

2. At least three or more CNC lathes and turning centers can be used.
The X and Z axes feed and rapid feed are fast and smooth. The use of high-precision, low-backlash planetary gear speed reducers in combination with precision ball screws reduces mechanical failure rates and improves precision. Servo control of the level of file conversion device to shorten the time, fast and stable transfer.

3. Digital grinders and electric discharge machines can use at least three or more.
The three axes of X, Y and Z move smoothly, making the controller's parameter settings simpler, allowing the finished product to achieve high precision, smooth arc contact, and reduced surface roughness.

6. Several points in practical application Because of the use of high-precision, low backlash and precision ball screw, the control system is simple to set up and can produce high-precision products. The high-strength rigid structure has a long service life, high efficiency, maintenance-free oil change, and the like, so that the mechanical failure is reduced. Since the gears have been subjected to ion nitriding treatment, the surface magnetic layer is hard-wearing and the substrate maintains its toughness. Hard cutting method, less deformation, correct tooth shape, can produce high-precision low-backlash planetary gear reducer.

7. For examples, please refer to the widely used examples.

8. Picture applied on the feed system: