The Application of Changsha Xinzhongtian Industrial PC Products in Financial Self-service Terminals

The Application of Changsha Xinzhongtian Industrial PC Products in Financial Self-service Terminals

Industry Overview:
With the rapid development of China's economy, major state-owned banks and commercial banks have expanded rapidly. At the same time, major banks competed to improve service quality and increase hardware investment. As a result, various types of self-service terminals such as ATMs, CTMs, and BSMs are rapidly increasing. At present, all kinds of self-service terminal computer control parts generally use branded commercial computers and industrial computers. The brand computer has high performance and affordable prices. However, the replacement of commercial computers is too fast, so that users have to change the type of host in three or four months. At the same time financial computer requirements are very complex, such as multiple serial ports, multiple parallel ports, sound cards, network cards, dual graphics, multi-channel I / O and so on. Users have to add more boards to achieve their goals. But this will inevitably increase the cost, which will also bring two fatal problems: compatibility and computer failure due to unreliable ISA/PCI features.

System Requirements:
Self-service, reduce bank operating costs Improve bank-to-customer service quality
Helping banks develop intermediate businesses
High security: From the password keyboard to the terminal, to the overall security solution for background monitoring, support for secure payment transactions
Practicality: versatile, can achieve most bank non-cash business
Reliability: Thick steel shell, industrial control panel and dedicated peripherals
Flexibility: Software and Hardware Customization Services
Perfect after-sales service system

Project features:
The multifunctional self-service system can make full use of the hardware resources of the terminal equipment and complete most of the public, savings and credit card businesses except for cash transactions. At the same time, it can also facilitate the expansion of various intermediate and emerging businesses. Specifically, this solution has the following characteristics:
Reduce the face-to-face service of traditional bank counters.
Saves operating costs for the bank.
The convenient placement/convenience of customers also virtually attracts more units and individuals to become customers of the bank, thereby increasing the economic efficiency of the bank.
Free up human resources and concentrate on superior resources to better serve the bank's major customers.
Self-service financial services are not subject to time constraints. 24x7 self-service allows the traditional counter service mode to be ashamed.
The financial investment in self-service financial services is far smaller than counters, which is conducive to the expansion of the market by banks.
Through its simple and friendly interface and powerful functions, self-service terminals can realize almost all private services and some public services except for cash deposit and withdrawal services, including bank passbooks, and bank card account information search printing. Various transfer services, various generations of fee-based services. It also has banking business image promotion and other functions.
Self-service terminals can complement each other with bank counter services, greatly ease the workload of banks, promote the promotion of new businesses, increase the image of banking services, and increase the competitiveness of the industry.

System hardware requirements:
<> requires high stability and cannot always malfunction
<>Can adapt to harsh working environment
<> Reserve multiple standard RS-232 interfaces to provide convenient conditions for later addition of standard peripherals Product Key Features:
<> Onboard low-power processor
<> Onboard display controller supporting dual display
<> Multiple COM ports (supports six COM ports)
<> Multiple USB ports (4 USB 2.0 ports)

Self-service terminal multi-domain applications:
Automatic vending machine
Ticket vending machine
Multifunctional query machine

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