Portable Infrared Lamp with Hemorrhoids, Armpit Odor, Tissue Hyperplasia

  • Model NO.: AJ-210P
  • Instruction: LED
  • Length: 90-120mm (Prostate)
  • Trademark: ANJUE
  • Origin: China
  • Certification: CE, ISO
  • LED Indicator: LED Digital Display
  • Length2: 90-120mm (Gynecology)
  • Specification: ISO;
Portable Infrared Lamp AJ-210P

1. Cervicitis and other gynecological diseases which cause servilities.
2. All kinds of hemorrhoids, armpit odor, tissue hyperplasia. (Polypus, verruca, helosis, pointed condyloma, etc).
3. Skin diseases: All kinds of hyperplasia-afflicted tissues, common verruca, verruca plana, skin hemorrhoids, etc.
4. All kinds of inflammations. (Caused by festering, pelvic disease, chronic prostate disease, trigeminal nerve disease, colds, neurological complication, ischemia-caused heart diseases, tumors, and hypertension)

Technical Parameters
1. The scope of Spectrum wavelength: 0.8µ M~3.0µ M
2. The Power (max): 20W+5W
3. The mode of Cure: Irradiation times: 1s~9s
Clearance times: 1s~9s
Circle times: 1-9
4. The mode of Physical Therapy: Can control the time: 1s~99min
5. Frequency: 0.2MHz~5MHz

High Frequency Electro cauterize
1. Frequency: 0.2MHz~5MHz
2. The output power(Max): 10W< P≤ 50W

Millimeter Wave
1. The scope of Frequency: 37.5GHz± 10GHz
2. Radiation Power: 70mw± 40mw
3. The flex length of bracket: ≥ 600mm
4. According to the functions, it can divide into three Sizes:
(1) Length: 60-120mm(Physical Therapy)
(2) Length: 90-120mm (Prostate)
(3) Length: 90-120mm (Gynecology)

Standard Configuration
Main unit
1. Infrared radiator; High frequency cauterization pen; Infrared light therapy lamp
Control: Clearance dimming; Promise dimming; Automatic control
2. Digital display
3. Instruction: LED
4. LED indicator: LED digital display
5. LED display includes stall, Cycles, Clearance time, working time
6. Touch buttons
7. The role of stored keys: The parameters will be stored in FLASH memory (Only mode of infrared light therapy and physiotherapy)


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