[No. 267] drinking soy milk or filter-free, smart broken heart experience!

"Good soy milk, Jiuyang do." When I went to school a few years ago, my mother started to make soymilk and pancakes for me and my younger brother and sister each morning. A small bowl of soybeans and half a scoop of water was added to the soymilk and a semi-barreled soymilk was made after twenty minutes. The scorched cake tasted very happy. After a few years, nine Yang Soymilk innovation has now entered the era of free filter 4.0. Thanks to Xunxun’s new product experience opportunities, let's witness the super-capacity of the 9 Yang smart broken soymilk maker.

From the inside to the outside, the surprise is beyond imagination.

Is the appearance pretty? Nine Yang this broken-wall filter-free soy milk machine packing box uses the traditional packing, the box surface introduced the product the parameter and the characteristic and so on information, received when the box body has been damaged, fortunately the product is safe and sound. This Soymilk design is quite sophisticated, pure white body plus a dark coffee-colored thread at the bottom of embellishment noble style full. The soya-bean milk maker consists of three parts: nose, cup body and power cord. The operation is also relatively simple, put the ingredients together, press the function key, wait for the food to drink!

Everyone took a closer look and discovered where it was different? Yes, the handles at the top of the nose are longer. This small improvement is undoubtedly the best choice for the big friends. The screen is at the top of the head, with a hidden LCD screen design, and the menu is only visible when the power is on. Smart touch, the entire large LCD display consists of three parts: time, function, and selection keys. The LED display is crystal clear. When the ingredients are added to the pulp during the pulping process, the function mode is selected and then it is started. The multi-function operation can be realized with only one key. I have encountered a small problem in my use. The online recipe can display the remaining time. I can't display the remaining time during the manual pulping process. I hope to improve it later.

The perfect combination of the 12-hole fishbone sharpener and the broken three-blade stainless steel blade is only suitable for speed-removal filtration and full nutrition. The 12-hole fishbone grinding machine can attract and gather large particles and repeatedly bounce and grind. The stainless steel has broken three blades , breaks the cell wall, extracts soybean essence, and uses cells as a unit to absorb nutrients. High-speed DC motor, the speed of up to 15,000 times per minute, high-speed motor to ensure the stability of the speed of grinding ingredients, nutrition, full release.

The inner wall of the cup is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which is safe and durable without staining. 1.3L large capacity, easy to do breakfast for the whole family. Boiled using three-dimensional heating technology, so that the milk heated evenly, does not paste the bottom, taste more mellow.

With special recipes, you can easily create nutritious soymilk and delicious soup porridge. In addition, you can download APP to enjoy more cooking fun.

This is the family portrait. The packing list includes Q1 Soymilk, measuring cups, cups, filters, certificates, recipes, warranty cards, and manuals. The accessories are very rich, and all of them are there, especially small cups, in everyday use. It's very important.

With me, it's a good breakfast that wakes you up every day;

There are many machines that can make soy milk, but there are several smart ones. The perfect combination of soya-bean milk maker and intelligent APP, even if you have not done soymilk, you can also be the chef of the whole family! The major application stores or open the instruction manual, scan the two-dimensional code on the 10th page can download "love kitchen" APP, after installation is complete, we can experience the smart function! First of all, we have to bind the device, open the "love kitchen" APP, click on the "kitchen" function at the bottom of the function area, and then click "+" to bind the device as prompted. The first time you need to use a mobile phone number to register to log in . It is not recommended that you use a third party to log in because the third-party login cannot be used normally when I test. I am looking forward to late resolution.

Through the remote WiFi control of smart phones, a mobile phone can realize the desire to remotely control the soybean milk machine at any time. Cloud recipes, WiFi remote control, real-time progress monitoring, food sharing, etc. just need a better understanding of your app. Open the smart kitchen every day to make a delicious appointment. With me, it's not the alarm clock that wakes you up, but a warm breakfast.

I like booking functions best, it is powerful enough to understand your life better. It can be about time, about temperature, about taste, it is incredible. The smart security chip not only can accurately and intelligently control the time and temperature, but also can automatically adapt to different altitudes and voltages to prevent a more complete set of spilled pots.

I want to do breakfast, open the "love to cook" app to choose the kitchen function, you will see the binding smart soya-bean milk machine has been ready to go. Click on the soy milk again to get a healthy recipe that fits the model device. After entering the corresponding menu, if there is no ingredient, you can click to buy it immediately. Only one-click ingredients will be delivered to your door. If you have enough ingredients, you can follow the menu to make your breakfast.

Change the pattern every day and enjoy the fun of smart recipes.

Didn't you think about making breakfast just 3 steps? After using the nine-yang broken-wall filter-free soy milk maker, it is no longer necessary to get up early every day. Simply put the ingredients into the cup body according to the recipe, and make an appointment to select the automatic pulping mode. The delicious birth starts with a smooth drink. Want to try it? One experience.

Just made a good bean milk nutritious milk, little sister loves to drink it! Each recipe has its own story, and reading it carefully will help you understand the efficacy of the recipe. For example, mung bean, mung bean contains protein and dietary fiber, drinking mung bean has the effect of improving immunity and constipation.

This is a nourishing black rice paste made at noon. Every day, you can customize a new breakfast breakfast according to your needs, and give your family a heavy breakfast every day. I think it is the wish of every mother. The most important thing is to prepare the ingredients in the evening, make an appointment with time, taste and temperature, even if the lazy bed in the morning can be a close date with the delicious soy milk.

After nearly a month of experience, I have made dozens of non-deep soymilk. My mother said that this is much better than the old machine. The youngest sister likes to drink green bean paste. My dad used to drink it. At the bottom, when you drink, you always have to filter it. Now you are drinking the last bowl. The first time you did not filter out the cake, you will not filter it. There is also a small problem in use. No countdown is displayed during the pulping process on the display screen. In particular, the remaining time is not displayed when the local operation is performed. It is not known how long it will take to do a good job, and I feel that this needs improvement. There is the hope that the menu display time can be customized, now about 3 seconds after power-on extinguished, for older people, it is not clear to see it out, and look forward to launch display time customization function, other feeling great, I wish everyone a happy meal!

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