Medical warehousing monitoring technology solution

Medical warehousing monitoring technology solution
The GSP standard put forward specific and clear requirements for the area of ​​the warehouse, equipment and facilities, and management systems. For enterprises that failed the GSP inspection, the state adopted a one-vote veto system and was not allowed to enter the pharmaceutical industry. For example, the GSP standard requires that “the enterprise should set up a warehouse according to the scale of operation, and its area (for construction area) should not be less than 1,500 square meters for large enterprises, medium-sized enterprises should not be less than 1,000 square meters, and small enterprises should not Below 500 square meters, the company has warehouses that are suitable for the storage of medicines and meet the requirements for drug storage, including 0-30 degrees Celsius at room temperature, 20 degrees Celsius at cold storage, 0-10 degrees Celsius at cold storage, and relative humidity at warehouses. Should be kept between 45% and 75%." There are also requirements for safe facilities and temperature and humidity control equipment for operation in flammable, explosive, toxic and other environments.
Design idea:
According to customer requirements and site conditions, Beijing Kai Control Technology Co., Ltd. adopts the popular DCS method of industrial measurement and control, that is, distributed measurement system, and has designed a comprehensive monitoring system for warehouse management of pharmaceutical production and distribution industries.
The core of the monitoring system is the touch screen control computer based on the embedded system. It has a 5.7” color LCD display and a wealth of data acquisition, control and communication interfaces. Together with inexpensive sensors and actuators, it can constitute a complete monitoring system. Ethernet and other communication interfaces can be connected with the upper-level business management system software. The business management system can query and control the data of the monitoring system.
The touch screen control computer is developed using industrial control technology and can work 24 hours a day to ensure data collection and control.
The use of inexpensive, standard interface sensors significantly reduces system costs. Sensors can be installed up to 1.2 kilometers away from the host, making it easy to maintain and replace sensors.
implementation plan:
Each warehouse is equipped with a touch screen host, each host can connect up to 255 sensors. The number of sensors is less than 8 can directly use the standard 4-20mA sensor directly connected to the host, saving system cost, more sensors need to use sensors with RS485 connected to the communication bus.
The sensor can be arbitrarily selected temperature and humidity, flooding, infrared, access control, broken window, voltage, current sensors to achieve temperature and humidity monitoring, waterproof monitoring, security monitoring, power security and other monitoring functions.
The touch screen host can run customizable temperature and humidity records and monitor programs. It can display parameters in real time. The embedded database records the parameters and displays the parameter change curve. The data of the control host can be queried through the Ethernet port upper service management system.
The upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity can be set. When the limit is exceeded, alarms can be generated through sound, light, and text messages.
It can monitor the exhaust fans, air conditioners, lights and other equipment in the warehouse. When a fault occurs, an alarm is issued and these devices are controlled according to the set strategy.
The parameter recording time interval can be set.
Timing control function: According to the conditions of the season, day and night, the alarm upper and lower limit parameters and exhaust fan, air conditioning, lighting and other equipment to control.
Configuration design facilitates the expansion of control functions.
System performance parameters:
Input signal: 4-20mA standard sensor signal
RS485, RS232, Ethernet communication signal dry node input signal recording capacity is greater than 100,000 records.
The system can be widely used in industrial, agricultural research, meteorology, environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, medicine, warehousing and transportation, museums, laboratories, greenhouses and other fields.