Large-scale presentation on energy conservation and emission reduction policies was successfully held

On April 14th, the “High-level Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Policy Seminar” jointly organized by Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Service Center, Shanghai Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Technology Transfer Service Center and Shanghai Energy Conservation Information Network was successfully held in the Science Hall. Nearly 300 representatives from all sectors of the energy-saving industry attended the conference. The organizers specially compiled a special compilation of energy-saving and emission-reduction policies in the newly published “Guidelines for Energy-Saving Technology and Product Purchasing,” and a representative of the staff, selected a special policy match for the company. First-hand information.


The organizers of the event invited relevant government leaders, experts, business people, banks and other guests from the committees to participate in the policy of energy conservation and emission reduction in the form of interactive forums, technology services and enterprises, financial support, energy-saving industry development, The practical problems encountered by energy-saving enterprises, the perspective of investment and financing of energy-saving projects, analysis and interpretation of how to enjoy the support of energy-saving and emission reduction policies, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and let all parties in the energy-saving industry fully understand policies, use policies, enjoy policies, and analyze energy-saving The impact of relevant policies, regulations and industry standards on industries and enterprises.

The leaders of various government departments and experts interacted with each other. The guests answered the hot issues of the market promotion and supporting policies, contract energy management, and financing of energy-saving projects that the audience and netizens paid more attention to.


After the meeting, the delegates exchanged business cards with the guests, and the exchange atmosphere was warm.

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