Kunshan Municipal Government's procurement tender for street lamps and lamps

No.: SZYC2007-KS-G-36
Suzhou City Finance Tendering Consulting Service Co., Ltd. was entrusted by Kunshan Development Zone Asset Management Co., Ltd. to conduct domestic public bidding for a batch of street lamps to be purchased. Domestic corporate companies are welcome to bid.
1. Purchasing unit: Kunshan Development Zone Asset Management Co., Ltd.;
Contact: Mao Wei contact phone number;
2. Tendering agent: Suzhou City Fortune Bidding Consulting Service Co., Ltd.;
Address: No. 905, Renmin Road, Suzhou City;
Tel: (0512) 65158110; Contact: Zhang Yurong Tao Yuanqian;
Zip code: 215002; E-mail: nfo.net;
3. Tender No.: SZYC2007-KS-G-36;
4. Contents of the bidding: the first and second bidding sections: a batch of light poles; the third and fourth tender sections: a batch of lamps.
5. Requirements for bidders: The manufacturer must have a registered capital of 500 or above and pass the ISO quality certification (requires a copy of the manufacturer's business license and ISO certificate).
5. Time for the issuance of tenders: from 9:30 to 16:00 on June 12, 2007 (except Beijing time, weekends and holidays);
The tender is for sale at the second floor of No. 905 Renmin Road, Suzhou City;
The price of the tender: RMB 300 yuan / share, no refund after sale, if you need to mail, you must add a postage fee of 50 yuan;
Purchase bidding documents payment account: Suzhou City Fortune Bidding Consulting Service Co., Ltd. Bank: Suzhou Bank of China Drinking Horse Bridge Branch Office Account
6. Bid time: July 1st, 2007, 13:00~13:30 (Beijing time);
7. Bid opening time: 13:30 on July 4, 2007 (Beijing time);
8. Bid Opening Location: Kunshan Municipal Government Procurement Center (No. 482, Tongfeng West Road, Kunshan City);
Kunshan Municipal Finance Bureau Supervision Telephone

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