Has captured Japan, Huawei conquered the US market? !

Electronic enthusiasts news: The sharp-eyed audience may find on the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), in addition to McDonald's, Coca-Cola and Visa, occasionally, you will also find a figure from a Chinese multinational company-Huawei.

In fact, it is difficult to underestimate Huawei's influence. Soon after, Huawei will soon surpass Ericsson to become the world's largest communications equipment supplier. In fact, Huawei also has an unknown side: the huge and powerful Huawei, although its global sales business exceeds 23 billion U.S. dollars and employs more than 140,000 people, it is puzzling that its products are mainly white-labeled ( white-label) and backend technology (backend technology).

Has captured Japan, Huawei conquered the United States? !

However, it is not the company's position in the global market that is causing headaches to analysts. Among these issues, at best, is the network security and intellectual property rights of Huawei technology. However, for this company, the worst case was that some foreign political or economic critics criticized Huawei as a spy company of the Chinese government. Are these simply delusions, or is Huawei really facing the legitimacy of US national security? (Electronic Enthusiast Network)

Why can Huawei terminals conquer Japan now?

Looking up on the subway in Tokyo, I almost looked down and performed various "thumb exercises" through my mobile phone. Two years ago, almost all of the Japanese were holding Apple and Japanese mobile phone manufacturers; but now they can often see a new figure-Huawei. According to a report by GFK, one of the world's top five market research companies: As of 2011, Huawei ranked first in the Japanese mobile broadband terminal market share for four consecutive years.

How can a traditional equipment manufacturer conquer the demanding Japanese mobile phone market and win the trust of Japanese consumers?

    This is a multi-output outdoor WIFI RF socket. The main function is to use the mobile phone software to control the switch and timing of the socket through WIFI connection, and also support the RF remote control switch. Before using the device function, you need to configure the network first, that is, let the product connect to the Internet through WIFI     This WIFI can be a router or a mobile phone hotspot.
   The product has a button and an indicator light on the side of the housing. There are two types of button operations: tap and long press.

  • Tap the switch of the Control Socket. When it is turned on, the indicator light is on, and when it is off, it is off;
  • Long press to enter the EZ distribution network status, the indicator light flashes quickly. At this time, the EZ configuration method can be used to distribute the network.
  • Press and hold again when flashing, the AP will be connected to the network. The indicator blinks slowly. In this case, you can configure the network according to the AP configuration method.

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