Give your freshmen a top-level school equipment! Not greasy for four years

PConline talks again to the school season, iPhone7 issued an invitation letter, MacBook Pro will also usher in a big update, there are a lot of super-pole equipped with Kaby Lake ultra-low-voltage processor is poised to take off. This means that the university freshmen party must begin to put together various equipment and prepare to move into a new nest.

The university not only has a super-luxury library, but also a super-high-cost cafeteria; it has not only a domineering complex, but also a warm bunk bed. Occasionally, the dorm plays an Internet cafe, and the school desk occasionally plays a sofa. The school girl has a lot of tips. The seniors lining up for the flowers... Are you ready to start school? Listen to Xiao Bian to finish this story.

Whenever I talked about Xiao Bian, I couldn't suppress the nostalgia of my heart. Even if I had a problem, I couldn't help but talk about it. Imagine that when I was enrolled in school, a man dragged a lot of luggage and took a two-day-a-night train to school. When he opened the dormitory door and saw it for the first time, he was wearing a pair of red underwear and crouching over his “crotch pants.” Guy. But later this guy also became my good buddy.

At that time we were four people, and two of our buddies were born in Northeast China. The equipment for the school was iPhone4+MacBook Pro+iPad1, and there were various Nike shoes + CK underwear + two sets. Armani's small suit + a golf club. And I and the guy that comes with the “trousers” outfit is one of his oppo features. I have a Nokia 2700C plus a large box of paints for everyone, a large bag of pencils. Although I studied fashion design, I didn't touch Armani for four years, and I stayed in bed every day.

When we were freshmen, we had to go to private study and run morning exercises. Nobody is staring at you at night, but just come and go. In the classroom, whether using Java, Symbian, Android or iOS, you can use a harmonious and unified gesture to spread the books on the table, but the head is low toward the crotch. Although these mobile devices have not brought us much joy, they have become a sanctuary for the old students who have been indulging in college adaptation.

Only one thing made me think that my Nokia 2700C was particularly low, that is, when everyone was lying in bed and playing with a mobile phone before going to bed at night. The sound of typing on the bed iPhone is softly "squeaky" and silent after silence. And my Nokia 2700C will always send "squeaky" whether it is silent or not. Sometimes it makes me embarrassed, so I try to slow down.

A lot of changes occurred a year later. I used to learn PS and CorelDraw as an excuse to find a family to buy me an Lenovo Y laptop. I also worked as a part-time cash manager for Wal-Mart for half a year and then bought a Meizu MX2. The school was invaded by China Mobile. There is a CMCC-EDU transmitter outside each dormitory. With computers and networks, what do you want to do next?

Of course it is stealing electricity. How to steal? Go to the line of corridor emergency lights. There was a risk in this matter. "The trousers" were very courageous, and once they fell to the ground, he was still perseverance. Because he understands that he has the mission of eight people behind him alone. Of course, there is no airtight wall, and the 408 night stealing electric machine was in the dormitory building and it smelled like a bowel movement. Although we are not alone in stealing electricity, we have been given a headed bird.

I often ask "Mao Pants" about his ancestors. Because every time I see his head full of rolls, a beard on his face, a dark cloud in his chest, and black “black trousers” that are airtight on both legs, I always find it particularly curious.

- Are you not completely evolved? I feel like you are too grandparents - wrong, I am a descendant of Lu Zhishen - then you should not be bald it? How hair is so exuberant

It is also amazing to say that now, the haircut of the “Mao Pants” has always been head-to-head, but the pants on the legs are still there.

In his junior year, he upholds a passion for the five-star red flag and a longing for the freshmen's younger sisters. I have chosen military instructors. I did not expect that with the experience of playing a year in the student union, the Communist Youth League teacher let me pass this way. One month after going to the troop training for the summer vacation, he returned to school and started to seize it. That kind of mood is like I'm really a Samsung military. This kind of shit almost gave me a hard time, but it also made me lucky.

The Most Beautiful Women's Teacher in School

One evening, she took a self-study training for a freshman station. During the middle break, a young girl played a mobile phone on the edge of the fence (barrier fence). A thirty-year-old man suddenly grabbed the girl's mobile phone outside the wall. , galloping away. At that time, I heard only the scream of the little girl. I subconsciously shifted my gaze to the man outside the wall and rushed up and down the wall to catch up. At that time, I was more nervous than eating stimulants. After chasing about four or five hundred meters, the thief was struggling with my backhand and fell to the ground. After all, I wore a military uniform and I thought I had to hold him down to fight. Now. In fact, at that time, I was already struggling to get him upside down. Fortunately, another instructor came in and gave him pressure to go to the School Security Section.

This did not make me so glorious, but actually smashed the teacher's approval. Later I learned that the thief had a knife hidden in it. If he did not hold it at that time, he came over to me and I couldn't see my later girlfriend.

Yes, the plot is such a dog's blood and mundane. The little girl who was robbed of the cell phone took care of me and became my current girlfriend.

When I told him about this matter, he was holding an oppo and reading a novel in bed. He quietly told me “How big is the bust of a blind man?”. Mao Pang brother particularly likes to read novels. In the second semester of his sophomore year, he spent almost all his time. Besides being able to take care of himself, what kind of attendance in attendance, dining in the cafeteria, or even laundry was all forced on me? Now. I was not happy in my heart but never fired.

Later, Mao Puji did not read the novel. It was said that he was in love. During that period of time, Mao Pangge was just like eating aphrodisiac. He ran out at night. The girl knew that he used to read novels. After he finished school in the summer, he sent a pair of Kindles to Ma Cuo. Ma Pu Ge took home more than 10,000 tuition fees and used half of them to buy a set for the girl. 32G iPhone5. Later, it was not until the time of graduation that the trousers of the trousers were put back on the money, or they could not complete the business. And Mao Pang's girlfriend is said to broke up with him in the winter of that year.

The story ended so sadly. After losing the love, the trousers brother continued stealing electricity in the bedroom and playing games. Later, he stole electricity and was arrested twice. He also reported once. And I did not touch Armani and Givenchy, but built a "408 studio" to repair computer phones. It took one night and a 408 studio flyer was attached to the walls of each of the toilets in each of the dormitory buildings in the school. Yes, including female toilets.

Netizen OS: TMD said so much that the original campus love story to abuse our single dog, this TM off IT what birds?
Xiao Bian: No no no, there are cell phones and computers in each segment. Do not believe you look back and look again.

Well, finally it's time to get to the point. In addition to computers, mobile phones and tablets, what equipment can be used to enrich your dormitory life? Xiao Bian doesn't like to say that those VR and AR people are playing something that's idiotic, Xiao Bian likes to get up in the bedroom culture, so I recommend one thing today, a TV. A couple of buddies can take a look at the game and have a chance to enjoy a few Japanese cultural films together before going to bed.

In the old days when personal computers were not yet popular, university dormitories would try to get a TV set. They were usually left by the heads of elder sisters, placed near a window, pulled out an antenna, and could watch some stations. After graduating, it continues to be reserved for elementary school students.

Now university students, I think that we must change the state of life, do not face the computer once the bedroom. Since it is all entertainment, everyone will entertain together. Buying a PS4, a TV in the dorm, holding the handle together, is not better than playing LOL alone?

Then the question is, how big is the TV in the dormitory? Where? This problem hopes that college students will take their own ruler to measure. If you want to watch the stealing of the game at night, don’t try it if you don’t have any physical knowledge or hands-on skills.

The last question is how can a TV monitor be used? Some students can't afford a large-size monitor and they just think of using a TV instead. Xiao Bian tells you that playing games and watching movies is OK, but the experience is not necessarily good, and browsing the web, office, and drawing, that is to die.

Do you think that you recommend that you install a TV in your dormitory? Xiaobian really want to recommend the equipment is the following bowl of chicken soup:

If you don’t regret college for four years, you can choose to study professionally. You can also choose to live differently from others. Although your family is not so well-off, there is no money to buy Armani and Nike, but you can certainly afford the Kindle, look at the book to promote self-cultivation, it is not enough to go to Wal-Mart for part-time work for two months, maybe Ma Pange is to impress with a line in the novel The woman, so you have a big hope of harvesting a girlfriend. Don’t go back to the dorm and you only know how to do it together, to do something exciting, or even something interesting, even if it’s a stall, a new student selling school supplies, a long distance ride, or a military instructor. The studio does something. Let your own university have more unique experiences, be a little bit wider and deeper, and later you will be able to take it easy.

Well, not much to say, went black with the pants.

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