Features and Application of Soft Starter

I. Overview With the rapid development of power electronics technology and the continuous improvement of drive control for automation requirements, the use of thyristor as the main device, and the microcontroller as the control core of the intelligent motor starting equipment ----- soft starter Various industries and industries are getting more and more applications. Because the soft starter has excellent performance, small size, light weight, and has intelligent control and a variety of protection functions, and the starting parameters can be adjusted according to different loads, its load adaptability Very strong. Therefore, the electronic soft starter will gradually replace the traditional decompression starting equipment such as the backward Y/Δ, auto decompression, and magnetron type.
Xi'an Xichi Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of motor soft starters. After launching on the market, CMC series motor soft starters of our company have been popularized and applied for many years and continuously updated, showing excellent performance both in terms of performance and price. Superiority. The power coverage of CMC soft starters currently on the market ranges from 7.5 KW to 500 KW. The main products are:
1.CMC-P Simple Motor Soft Starter
2. CMC-G standard motor soft starter device cabinet
3. CMC-Q light-load energy-saving motor soft starter
4.CMC-S LCD Intelligent Motor Soft Starter
5. CMC-H high-voltage motor soft starter Second, the principle and characteristics of CMC soft starter CMC series motor soft starter as shown in the basic principle, the control core using a CPU microcontroller chip, the main circuit using three pairs of anti-parallel can The composition of silicon controlled phase is controlled by controlling the conduction angle θ to achieve the purpose of changing the output voltage, so as to achieve a smooth starting of the AC motor. The CMC soft starter has the following features:
1. The unique structural design makes the soft starter's internal layout more reasonable, simple, compact, easy to install, easy to integrate into existing systems;
2. Because the CMC soft starter adopts stepless voltage regulation of the power device, the motor starting process is smoother. Compared with the traditional starting equipment, direct starting, Y/Δ, auto decompression, and magnetron control are avoided. The mechanical and electrical shocks that come, and the initial torque of the CMC soft starter can be adjusted according to the load conditions, so the adaptability of the load is stronger, and it is more suitable for the start of heavy load and large load;
3. The main control circuit of 3.CMC soft starter adopts single-chip microcomputer technology, which makes the hardware circuit structure simple, the signal transmission in the control unit adopts photoelectric isolation, and at the same time rely on powerful software functions to achieve the full digitalization of the controller, subject to power supply voltage fluctuations. The impact is small. The circuit uses a series of anti-interference measures, even in the harsh electromagnetic noise environment can also work. In the control system, the fuzzy control theory is quoted, and the current limiting, ramping and current limiting + ramp control of the starting process are avoided, which may avoid the resonance phenomenon that may occur during the starting process.
4. After the controller is started, it will automatically output the start completion signal to control the bypass contactor to put the motor into the power grid, so that the service life of the thyristor can be extended, and the bypass contactor does not switch with current, so its life depends on Its mechanical life, thereby reducing the maintenance costs of the equipment;
5. CMC-P soft starter is easy to operate, parameter settings are intuitive, easy to understand; CMC-S LCD / digital display parameter settings through the keyboard operation, Chinese display / English code display is more simple, but also through the RS485 communication interface and superior Machine communication, PC monitoring;
6. CMC soft starter has a remote control interface to facilitate remote control and interlock control;
7. In addition to the soft start/soft stop function, the CMC soft starter is also equivalent to a motor integrated protector, which is used to achieve over-current, overload, phase loss, overheating and other protection functions, which can effectively prevent damage to the motor.
Third, the typical application of the CMC soft starter Because the CMC soft starter's power supply voltage set a wide range, strong overload capacity, it can be used for a variety of occasions motor start, the following my company's applications are more and a larger amount of use The industry description is as follows:
1. Starting control of fans and pumps in large factories such as iron and steel, chemicals, building materials, paper, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and water plants;
2. Control of water supply pumps, ventilation systems, circulation pumps for air-conditioning freezers, fire pumps, and spray pumps for large buildings such as high-rise buildings, hotels, shopping malls, and entertainment centers;
3. Control of boiler feed water pump and induced draft fan motor of thermal heating system;
4. The secondary circuit of the hydropower station's oil supply pump, air supply compressor, leakage and maintenance drainage pump control;
5. Compressor control system for natural gas vehicle refueling station;
6. Water conservancy irrigation, diversion project, sewage pump station control system;
Our company will continue to commit itself to the development, application and promotion of motor starting control technology. We will continue to introduce newer and better products and services to the society and make efforts for the improvement of the automation level of enterprises and institutions.
Fourth, CMC soft starter selection recommended
1.CMC-P type: Applicable to electrical switch factory and system integration supporter, because of its small size, easy operation, very convenient electrical switch factory and system integration supplier installed in their own distribution cabinet, according to their own requirements Composition of electrical equipment systems;
2.CMC-G soft starter device: suitable for direct users, because the device already has a line breaker, bypass contactor, use only three power cords and three motor wires can be used to connect, easy to use use;
3.CMC-S type: Because its operation interface adopts Chinese liquid crystal display, human-machine dialogue is more direct, and has RS485/232 communication interface. It can monitor the running status and operation of multiple motors through PC integration, and can set two Set of different operating parameters, arbitrary choice;
4.CMC-H type: Suitable for starting high-voltage motors, voltage level up to 6KV/10KV.