Electricity monitoring system solution

The power monitoring system series is a professional anti-tamper product developed specifically for power supply systems. Through this system, it is possible to detect in time the nature of power theft and the natural failure of the metering device. It is also possible to focus on monitoring certain users and at the same time enable remote meter reading, thereby improving the technical level of power management, effectively reducing line losses, and reducing meter reading workload. .

System solutions

(I) Existing problems in existing electricity metering equipment

1. The measuring cabinet (box) has poor protection. The original measuring cabinet styles and specifications are varied. Most of them rely on seals to protect them, power meter and junction box. Lead seals are easily destroyed and forged. The status of the doors cannot be monitored in real time.

2. The natural and man-made failures of the metering equipment cannot be discovered in time, resulting in leakage of electricity. Experienced electricity monitoring personnel often have the experience that even if one knows that a user is stealing electricity, it cannot be forensically because it cannot accurately know when electricity is being stolen.

3. The large amount of procuratorial work is difficult to carry out. It is only by the supervision and maintenance of the prosecutor that it is impossible to detect and stop the theft of electricity in a timely manner.

4. Excessive reliance on man-made inspections is not conducive to management.

(B) Solution

1. From the principle of analysis, the methods of power theft are: loss of voltage, undervoltage, CT short circuit, CT shunt, change of CT polarity, phase sequence misalignment, transformer overload, change of CT and meter.

2. From the analysis of means, the methods of stealing electricity are:

1) Try to jump across the wiring from the primary circuit and bypass the metering cabinet so that the current flows directly from the transformer to the load.

2) Try to open the measuring cabinet door and change the measuring equipment (CT, CT circuit, PT, PT circuit, power meter, etc.).

3) The transformer is overloaded, making the CT magnetically saturated and reducing the accuracy.

The solution is to install an electricity monitoring terminal in the metering cabinet, monitor the voltage loops and current loops of the metering cabinet's door and meter, and if an abnormality occurs, an immediate alarm will be issued. The alarm information is transmitted to the power monitoring master station through modern means. In addition, it is also possible to collect the terminal's alarm information and the meter's power information in time via the main station, check whether the terminal is working properly, and immediately discover all kinds of man-made and natural faults.

System composition


1. Real-time alarm function. Instant alarm when the user has the following exceptions:

l Metering cabinet (box) open the door

l Voltage phase failure

l Current transformer open or short circuit

l Metering cabinet (box) at one time

l Measurement cabinet (box) or monitoring terminal over temperature

l Transformer overload

l Blackout

An alarm window pops up on the user's location on the digital map of the master station computer, displaying the user's name, type of alarm and alarm time, and issuing an audible alarm signal.

2. Remote acquisition and monitoring functions

l Collect current user power consumption and alarm conditions in real time

l Collect user power regularly

l regularly monitor the operation of some users

3. Background data processing functions. The system software runs in the WINDOWS environment, full Chinese interface, can display digital maps, with a powerful background data processing capabilities.

l Instantly print alarm information

l Processing of data forms a variety of reports and graphics

l Export data to generate electronic files for other references, review and backup

4. System features

l Practical and reliable, simple and intuitive, easy to maintain

l can adapt to different specifications of the measuring cabinet (box) and various voltage levels of users.

System performance index

Benefit Analysis:

1. Social benefits:

The anti-theft function of the electricity monitoring system is conducive to maintaining the normal power supply order and promoting fair competition, which is of great social significance.

2. Economic benefits calculation:

In 2002, the line loss rate of Guodian Company in Guangxi from January to November was 8.87%, which was 8.34% in 2001 and 8.80% in 2000. In 2000, electricity consumption in Guangxi was 281.13. Billion degrees If you install the power monitoring system to reduce the line loss rate by 1%, according to 0.2 yuan per kilowatt-hour, you can increase annual revenue of about 56 million yuan, the potential for economic benefits is very large.

3. Benefits of using this system for power companies:

1) Effective anti-stealing function brings huge economic and social benefits.

2) Remote meter reading and acquisition of real-time alarm status, for stealing power monitoring and maintenance, meter reading has brought great convenience, greatly reducing the workload of the power supply bureau marketing department.

3) The system-independent communication system provides prepayment for future power supply bureaus, centralized meter reading, and an optional communication platform for distribution automation.

This party mainly elaborates some system real principles of the electricity monitoring system. In this system, the wireless data radio or GPRS communication module is mainly used as the data transmission of the whole system.