Dwelling is no small matter: air conditioning is broken Landlord Tenant who should pay

1 How do tenants say: The houses are depreciated, not to mention electrical! Back to top

The soup god of PConline Zabian's editorial department has been trumpeting recently. The air conditioner for his rented apartment is broken, not counting the money to buy air-conditioner. It is just a miscellaneous charge of relocating the plane and installing new air-conditioners, so he went to five grandfather Mao Zedong! After careful inquiry, it was known that Tang Shen’s air conditioner had been broken twice. For the first time, the landlord had to pay 560 repair fees for the circuit board. The second time he continued to drive for two or three days, he was broken, and the maintenance master said that the snow was leaking. With a fee of 400 blocks, the landlord is not going to fix it. Because the landlord did not have time to buy a new soup to God, so Tang Shen and the landlord to discuss their own first deal with, then spread out the relevant expenses.

As a member of the Ten Thousand-Tenant Corps, I have not yet encountered the problem of broken electrical appliances. I tried to find the landlord when the door lock of the rented house was broken, and the landlord immediately changed it for me. At that time, I still had a hard time. Like a good friend with your friend. But I'm curious: Take Tang Shen's case as an example. After all the electrical appliances in the apartment were broken, who would be the landlord and the tenant?

How do tenants say: The houses are depreciated, not to mention electrical!

I am curious to gossip on the Internet and find that there are a few Internet users who have questions in this area. Many netizens' reply has different starting points, but most of them think that the landlord should pay for it. Of course, the general answer is Rent a dog...

The editorial department has a local tyrant that if the landlord is a beauty, she can be free! ! !

User A : Non-human is of course the landlord to pay for it, the house has depreciation, not to mention electrical appliances, rent has always included the right to use electrical appliances, or why do you want to bring appliances more expensive than without an electrical house rent a lot!

Netizen B : In the past, all the electrical appliances in the rented apartment were repaired. Many landlords were unwilling to repair it, and renting a house was not easy.

Netizen C: When the rental contract is signed, it is necessary to make a good agreement. The natural damage to the electrical appliances is handled by the landlord or the tenant and then from the rented port. What I hate the landlord to say is best when I give it to you. You should use it to repair it. Classes, things have a useful life, the end of life will naturally be bad, it is difficult for you to open the hotel lights broken air conditioning broken sewer leakage blocked also let a night's customers to spend money, simply funny!

Floor friends are domineering ah, a sentence, "there are depreciation of the house, not to mention electrical appliances" let me pay tribute, in general, the long life of large appliances. If the appliance itself has been used for a number of years when renting, it would be normal for bad landlords to pay. It is necessary, necessary, and necessary (I think this is a tenant's dog, right).

2 to see how the landlord: Need a good tenant will encounter bad back to top

What does the landlord look for?

I did not taste the taste of the landlord, but from the attitude of the Landlord Party on the Internet, it seems that the attitude is different.

Netizen A: Before I rented the house, the washing machine and refrigerator were collectively broken. I bought all new ones. Is it that I speak too well?

Netizen B: Qian Shao has dealt with his own calculations. He must have landlords to manage. I have been a tenant and a landlord.

Netizen C: I have a house to let rent, what is the problem of electrical appliances generally do not ask the master to get yourself, I do not know how to rule according to the rules, anyway, the tenants come to us, we will give a solution.

Netizen D: It was hard to meet a good tenant. My brand new house was rented out and she spoke out about the property and broadband. She later withdrew it from my deposit and finally managed to get there. If it weren’t for her that she loved cleanliness, I wanted to break my contract.

Netizen E: I usually deal with tenants and deduct them when the rent is paid the next time. However, I also spit, and now the quality of some tenants is really nothing to say. . . All I rent are basically young girls. The rent is not high. I think the girls are always careful and clean. . . As a result, the washing machine was broken, I changed the new one, the refrigerator door could not be closed, repaired, the TV was bad, repaired, and the air conditioning was bad and repaired. . . I was depressed. Did we collectively strike? A few days ago to close the house, the floor is all black, the bathroom wall is yellow, the toilet lid is cracked, the wardrobe mirror is broken, the cooktop is full of leaves, instant noodles, rotten on the table, the original remote control air conditioner It was also gone. The solar water heater was also broken because it was not watered for a long time. . . And the old lady downstairs also quarreled to fight 110. . . .

Netizen F: In general, I and the tenant agreed that they should pay half of their fees. They shouldn’t be shitty. Some things are really natural aging and I don’t want tenants to bear it.

Netizen G: Several sets of rental in my house are brand new appliances. The contract is very clear. It's good to give you time. There are any places where maintenance is needed. Tenants are going to spend money. I do not control, you can not rent, I can not give you something is good, and then come to me what problems.

In fact, there are still many landlords who are relatively nice. Many landlords who rent on the Internet have said that if they have problems with the rented electrical appliances, they will take the initiative to take responsibility. However, if it is the reason for tenants, this is not easy to say. Oh, sure enough, there will be room to turn over and take charge.

3What the law says: There is a contract to see the contract does not see the landlord back to the top

What the law says: There is a contract to see the contract does not see the landlord

Article 220 of the Contract Law The lessor shall perform the obligation to repair the leased property, unless otherwise agreed by the parties. Article 221 The lessee may require the lessor to repair within a reasonable period of time when the leased property requires repair. If the lessor fails to perform the maintenance obligation, the lessee may repair it by himself and the maintenance cost shall be borne by the lessor. If the maintenance of leased property affects the use of the lessee, it shall reduce the rent or extend the lease period accordingly.

However, it is necessary to distinguish between human-caused damage and natural damage if the above regulations are applied. If human damage is caused, it will not apply to the regulations. As for how to judge human damage or natural damage, I think the simplest and most practical way is to rent a room to find a third-party maintenance master to judge. Basically, it can be solved. But it's really the legal way to go. No matter how good the house is, the electric appliance is new again. Do you still live?

Talking about this, I have a concept of “what air-conditioner is broken and who will pay for renting rooms in the east”. After that, the use of electrical appliances for rent will surely be even more appealing. More importantly, I think that when signing a rental contract with a landlord, as the netizens mentioned above, there is a lot of dim sum, and it is necessary to make clear in advance the maintenance of the equipment in the renting, including electrical appliances and home appliances. In the end, it was overwhelmed by a piece of paper. Although he hadn’t read the contract on a weekday basis, even this year’s rental contract was signed by a friend, but he’s still careful to do it better.

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