DB-3000 constant pressure water supply controller

DB-3000A constant pressure water supply controller DB-3000A constant pressure water supply controller adopts the latest microcomputer processor design and manufacturing, with LCD Chinese display, parameter display, set at a glance, the fault will pop up supply company name and two Service telephone (can be set according to requirements), up to 75 function parameter options, 9 kinds of application macro options, can meet all the operating procedures below the five pumps, its main features are:
1. External wiring is simple. Users can use the menu settings to make the controller suitable for different water supply control systems without changing the complicated external wiring.
2. High reliability Because the controller has gathered various function modules in the interior, there are few external accessories, further reducing the chance of the entire system.
3. Easy and convenient commissioning Rich and perfect Chinese character tips. The general operator can apply freely to various operations without complicated training.
4.Complete system function Comparing with the current domestic similar equipment, this equipment shows its unique advantages. At the working site of the equipment, the staff can change various control parameters at any time according to the actual conditions of the pump set at the prompt of the display, thereby ensuring that the pump set is in the optimal operating state.
5. High control accuracy All analog quantities in this control program are digitally processed. The improved PID digital control system can avoid the control error caused by the general PID dead zone (in terms of the pump control system) and make the system's water supply pressure more stable.
6. The latest application of sleep function can make the unit start and stop automatically in the daily zero flow area and intermittent water supply mode, so that the power-saving effect is better.
7. Advanced control functions The control system can clearly display the power frequency/frequency conversion and conversion operating conditions on the Chinese character display.
8. Maintenance is simple and convenient Unique system fault detection, clear fault location (Chinese) tips, so that the staff can clearly understand the fault, help maintenance personnel to check the failure and cause of the fault.