Cypress capacitive touch device shipments exceed 1 billion

Cypress Semiconductor announced that its shipments of capacitive touch components exceeded 1 billion units, including Cypress TrueTouch touch screen controllers, CapSense controllers replacing mechanical buttons, sliders, switches and other components, and used in laptops The touchpad part that controls the cursor.

Cypress began selling the first touch sensing solution in 2005, and introduced CapSense mechanical buttons and slider replacement solutions for popular portable music players. Cypress launched the first TrueTouch touch screen solution in 2007 and added a touchpad to its product lineup in 2010. The reason why these solutions can be quickly asked to the market is due to countless technological innovations. Cypress has currently obtained 50 patents in touch, and there are more than 200 patents under review. Cypress's market layout covers a variety of end products, including mobile phones, tablet computers, automotive applications, consumer electronics, home appliances, industrial and other types of products.

Cathal Phelan, executive vice president of consumer and computing at Cypress, said: "Our touch sensing business is the most successful example of Cypress's programmable product strategy and Cypress's ability to extend successful technology. By using the PSoC platform to quickly enter Dominating many fast-growing touch sensing product markets, coupled with a strong lineup of IP intellectual property solutions, Cypress was able to consolidate its leading position in the market.

Fibos Shear Beam Load Cell Sensor 

Made of stainless steel, stability good

Could be used in various weighing application, IP68

Mainly used for packing scale, hopper scale and industrial weighing system

Fibos provides Load Cell and measure & control solution. Fibos goes into load cell and measure & control solution field since 2009.

Measure world well, know the world better" is Fibos` pursue.

Fibos owns mature design, manufacturer and test team. Engineers work in top load cell solution providing company such as HBM and Tecsis. Mature engineer team makes Fibos confident to provide client excellent products.

Fibos equipment list: Curing box, Overloader, weight machine, High and low temperature test box. Fibos purchase new equipment every year. Complete equipment chain is the guarantee of Fibos load cell quality.

Fibos main business range: Customized Load Cell, mini Force Measure Load Cell, high precision force measure load cell, high accuracy Weighing Load Cell , S Type Load Cell , Shear Beam Load Cell , Multi Axis load cell, tension load cell, Transmitters, instrument and measure&control solution.

Just name your requirement, the rest things belongs to Fibos.

Fibos shear beam load cell sensor

Fibos shear beam load cell sensor

Fibos Measurement Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. ,