Cut bag machine transformation example

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1. Servo technology Servo system is a high-precision control link in electromechanical products. Its control performance reflects the control quality of electromechanical equipment. By the early 1990s, with the development of manufacturing technologies such as micro-processing technologies and high-performance semiconductor power devices and the increasing cost-effectiveness, AC servo technology has gradually become a leading product.
With the increasingly fierce market competition, users are demanding higher technology and more reasonable performance-to-price ratio for the required products. Goldstar AC servo system has completed the transformation of the product's processing process, processing technology and comprehensive performance with its outstanding performance, and has been increasingly used in the industrial field.

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Third, sealing and cutting machine control system program (A) transformation points 1, the control of the core part of the company's high 0.75KW servo controller with 0.75KW motor (according to customer needs and the needs of the material, you can also use 1.1 KW servo controller with 1.1 KW motor plastic sealing and cutting machine is a mechanical equipment used to process plastic packaging bags, its positioning accuracy and stability directly affect the quality and efficiency of the plastic bags manufactured by PLC, inverter and servo motor to replace brake clutch and other control mechanisms. The following functions are implemented:
(1) Improvement of efficiency (2) Improvement of yield (3) Improvement of sealing accuracy (4) Convenient adjustment (5) Smooth and specific functions:
No. Motion requirements Accuracy Remarks
1 control accuracy 0.1MM
2 bag factory range 10-1000MM
3 Feeding motor rated speed 1500 rpm - 2000 rpm
4 Maximum pocket counting 999999 arbitrary settings
5 Cut batch counting 9999 periods arbitrarily set
6 Delay start after every batch 0-99 second code rate arbitrarily set
7 chasing color range 0-100MM arbitrarily set
8 Maximum feeding speed 5000 rpm / arbitrary setting
9 error count 0-99 arbitrary settings
10 recovery speed 3-12 RPM
11 Power On Select Manual/Auto Optional
12 bag length correction Automatic rest according to measurement
13 batch alarm 0-99 art period arbitrarily set
14 white / chasing color optional

2. Control system diagram

3. Work process (1) After power-on, the thermostat controls the heater at the knife station to heat it.
(2) After the automatic start, the feeding inverter drives the feeding motor to convey the plastic film at the set speed. When the feeding sensor detects that the plastic film for feeding the feeding end is enough, the feeding motor stops feeding.
(3) When the temperature is reached, the temperature signal is turned on, and the main inverter drives the main motor to control the vertical movement of the cutter and the sealing knife through the mechanical transmission device.
(4) Each time the cutter moves upwards, the servo signal is turned on once, and the servo motor drives the discharge roller to rotate once with the plastic film strip, and the cutter and the sealing knife are cut down and the plastic bag is formed.
(5) When the set number arrives or the stop key is pressed, the current plastic bag stops after it is formed, and the cutter and sealer stop at the high parking place.
4. Process Requirements (1) 300-900mm long plastic bags, production of about 120-60 / min.
(2) The length error is within 0.5mm.
(3) The temperature line of the plastic bag sealing shall be strong and resistant to pull.
(4) It can be fixed and sealed, but it can also be colored and sealed.
(5) When color-cutting and cutting are performed, the color-mark signal cannot be detected three times in succession, and the automatic shutdown alarm (6) must have an early warning function (that is, when the production is approaching the set batch, an alarm must be given).
(7) Main motor speed control, feed motor speed control, servo motor speed control function (8) automatic operation / manual debugging function
5. Treatment measures and debugging methods (1) In the mechanical design, the main motor transmission ratio must satisfy the frequency converter operation at 60Hz, and the cutter and the sealing knife reciprocate back and forth up to 120 times per minute. Under the requirement that the actual continuous operating speed of the servo motor is less than or equal to its rated speed and other characteristics, the proper design of the servo mechanism gear ratio and the outer diameter of the discharge roller is the key to satisfy the process requirements (1).
(2) Servo drive adopts synchronous belt drive, servo encoder pulse number is 2500P/R, so its error is far less than 0.5mm, the real cause of larger positioning error is due to the servo motor starting and stopping is not smooth enough, or because The feeding speed of the feeding end is less than the discharging speed of the discharging roller, which causes relative sliding between the discharging roller and the plastic film. Therefore, an appropriate acceleration/deceleration time should be adjusted according to the starting and stopping speed of the servo motor, and the frequency of the feeding frequency converter should be adjusted to feed the material. The speed must be greater than the discharge speed of the discharge roller. The adjustment result should be based on the relative slippage between the discharge roller and the plastic film.
(3) The set temperature of the thermostat is generally set at about 180°C, and the temperature of the thermostat can be fine-tuned according to the rotation speed of the main motor, and the toughness of the plastic bag at the sealing end of the plastic bag shall prevail. Because the main motor rotates at a high speed, the sealer reciprocates up and down quickly, and the sealing time is short. If the sealer temperature is low, the seal of the plastic bag may not be firm. When the main motor speed is low, the sealing time is long. If the sealing knife temperature is too high, it will cause the plastic bag seal to burn.
(4) The man-machine interface can be set for fixed-length sealing or chasing color cutting, bag length, color recovery length, number of warnings, bag feeding speed, acceleration time, and deceleration time. When selecting a fixed-length seal, the color is recovered. The sensor has no effect. The PLC program calculates the servo driver to receive a certain number of pulses according to the mechanical transmission ratio of the servo mechanism, the electronic gear ratio of the servo driver, the number of lines of the servo motor transcoder, and the circumference of the discharge roller. Rotate the discharge roller to bring out a length of plastic bag. This achieves fixed-length control.
(5) When the PLC program traces the color-recovery signal during the color-matching and cutting process, the PLC stops the operation of each motor when it detects three consecutive times and drives the alarm. At the same time, the PLC program counts batches. When the batch reaches the warning value, the PLC drives the alarm alarm.
(6) The external motor can adjust the speed of the main motor and the feeding motor through the external rotary knob. The servo motor can be adjusted by changing the pulse frequency setting value of the PLC on the man-machine interface.
(7) Write the automatic operation and manual debugging program in the PLC, the automatic operation program is the production program, and the manual debugging program is used when adjusting or repairing.

6. Summary Through the application of frequency converters, PLCs and man-machine interfaces to achieve the control of plastic sealing and cutting machines, their technological level, product quality, etc. have been improved and ensured. For the technical transformation in the industry have a very good sense of inspiration, choose Hongyu Star River chose technology and integrity.