The basic material of the fuse is copper and glass tube with wire, the fuse is fast without lead, the rated breaking capacity is 35A or 10In, the fuses with small size are widely used in circuit board of various household appliances and related products, and comply with IEC standard, after a long time of technical precipitation, the product reliability increases and has been in a dominant product in the peer. The fuses have been sold to around the world and received unanimous praise.

Application: White goods, Power supply, Industrial control, etc.

Packaging Unit:  100 pcs.

References: corresponding fuse holder    BH002    BH002-2    BH003-4      BH003-5      BH6-0-20

            corresponding fuse clip           JZ-002      JZ-003        JZ-004



Dimension:unit in mm


 Electrical  characteristics
   Model Rated current
Rated voltage
Voltage drop
Power consumption
RF1-20 500mA 250 1000 1.6
RF1-20 630mA 250 650 1.6
RF1-20 750mA 250 650 1.6
RF1-20 800mA 250 240 1.6
RF1-20 1A 250 200 1.6
RF1-20 1.25A 250 200 1.6
RF1-20 1.5A 250 200 1.6
RF1-20 1.6A 250 190 1.6
RF1-20 2A 250 170 1.6
RF1-20 2.5A 250 170 1.6
RF1-20 3.15A 250 150 2.5
RF1-20 4A 250 130 2.5
RF1-20 5A 250 130 2.5
RF1-20 6.3A 250 130 2.5
RF1-20 7A 250 130 4
RF1-20 8A 250 130 4
RF1-20 10A 125/250 130 4
RF1-20 12.5A 125/250 100 6
RF1-20 16A 125/250 100 6

Current characteristics
Rated  Blowing time
more than 100mA-6.3A more than 6.3A-10A more than
2.1In Max 30min 30min 30min
Min 50ms 50ms 50ms
Max 2s 2s 3s
4 In Min 10ms 10ms 10ms
Max 300ms 400ms 400ms
10 In Max 20ms 40ms 50ms
Rated breaking capacity
35A or 10In whichever is greater 
Model Certification Certification number Current range
RF1-20 VDE 136760 1A-5A
RF1-20 TUV J50078894-0001
Current-time curve



The single point load cells are made of parallel bending beam working principle. Only one unit is sufficient to build up a scale. These load cells are moment insensitive. That is, when installed in a platform scale, it reads the same regardless of the position of the load applied to the upper platform.

Single Point Load Cell

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