Born Port Application Example

The company's first Diamond-HV06/1250 high-voltage frequency converter was installed in the pump room of the Nantong Tianshenggang Power Plant, which is adjacent to the north bank of the Yangtze River. No air-conditioning cooling device was installed. The pumping station is located near the coal terminal and has the highest environment. The temperature can reach 47°C, high humidity and dust. The equipment hasn't had any problems since it was put into operation in 2002, which makes customers and experts in high-voltage frequency conversion industry wonder. The company's design philosophy of "excellence in the core and simplicity in the model" has successfully developed the world's first high-voltage frequency conversion special control chip - high-voltage frequency conversion digital engine, thus ending China's high-voltage frequency conversion without independent intellectual property rights, non-core "core" The history of technology. Its birth has realized all-digital high-precision control, eliminating the single-chip microcomputer in each power unit in the series multi-level technology, which greatly simplifies the structure of the control system and improves the reliability and accuracy of the high-voltage frequency converter.

Product details

· High-high voltage source inverter, direct high voltage (3kV, 6kV, 10kV) input, direct high voltage (3kV, 6kV, 10kV) output, no output transformer;
· High input power factor (more than 0.96), no power factor compensation;
Current harmonics less (less than 3%), no harmonic suppression device;
The output voltage is stepped SPWM waveform (very close to sine wave), no need to output filter device, can directly drive ordinary motor, no damage to cable and motor insulation;
Almost perfect harmonic-free output, so there is no additional heat generated by harmonics and torque pulsation (mechanical vibration of bearings, blades), noise, output du∕dt, common-mode voltage and other issues, and suppress surges Voltage, output cable length is not limited;
Full Chinese window interface, easy to operate;
Power module modular design, easy maintenance;
· Optical fiber connection between the high voltage main circuit and the controller is safe and reliable;
Complete fault monitoring circuit, accurate fault alarm and protection;
With cooling fan;
Built-in PLC, easy to change control logic relationship, adapt to changing field requirements;
·Flexible choice of on-site control, remote control; Telemetry and remote control can be realized through the communication interface;
· Complete general-purpose inverter parameter setting function;
·Easy installation, setting and debugging
·Excellent performance/price ratio.