Application of Shenyuan SY4000 Universal Frequency Converter in Compressor

1. Introduction to the compressor:
Compressors are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises. The capacity of electric motors is generally large, and most of them are continuously operated all year round. Therefore, there is great potential for saving electricity.
Common compressors are used in the following different situations:
(1) Air compressors—providing aerodynamic sources to the equipment;
(2) Refrigerating compressors - used for freezing, cold storage, ice making, preservation, etc.;
(3) Air-conditioning compressors—refrigeration, chilled water, etc.;
(4) Gas compressors—manufacturing oxygen, ammonia, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc.;
(5) Special compressors - such as gas, acetylene gas, etc.
The process flow of the air compressor is shown in Figure 1. The working mode of the air compressor is the load of the short-time work.

Dead time T0, working time TP, general T0 2, characteristics and power saving:
The load characteristics of air compressors (including other compressors) are constant torque. Therefore, the energy saving rate N% = Δn ↓ %, that is, the percentage of speed reduction. The energy-saving rate is generally ≤20%, when the speed drops too much, it is necessary to cause the pulsation of the outlet gas, the formation of pressure fluctuations, in the low-speed to generate gas is too small, but also need to consider is the kind of lubrication is a separate pump or splash lubrication In particular, the latter will cause the cylinder to generate heat at a low speed, and accelerated wear is not allowed.
In one word, it cannot be because of the need to save electricity, but it does not meet the requirements of the process. And to ensure the safety of the equipment, the operating frequency is generally between 40~50Hz.
3, the implementation method:
(1) Two-step speed fixed frequency control - Moderate and low power motor control, and the use of gas is not large from full pressure to underpressure at the time TQ>> T, this method is more appropriate.

(2) Closed-loop constant voltage control—Applicable to medium and high-power motor control, automatic speed adjustment according to pressure variation.

4. Our company's SY4000 series general-purpose inverter is suitable for constant torque or speed control load, and it has good performance. It has been used by many units.