Apple's new iPad for sale: old recycling up to 2,300 yuan

Apple's new iPad for sale: old recycling up to 2,300 yuan Today is the day when Apple’s latest tablet PC iPad mini and iPad 4 officially landed in the Chinese mainland market. The home appliance store, which is one of the first channels for Apple products in the Chinese market, has also launched trade-in activities to attract business.

Mainland market only WiFi version 7.9 inches screen, more thin, iPadmono can be controlled by one hand, the mainland market is listed on the WiFi version, the price was 2498 yuan (16GB), 3288 yuan (32GB), 4088 yuan (64GB) , 3G version of the iPad mini is temporarily not sold in the country. The iPad 4 with faster Internet access is also available on the Mainland market. The price of the iPad 4 is comparable to that of the iPad 3 in the first half of the year. The price of the 16GB is 3688 yuan. The iPad 3 of the 3G version is also not sold in the Mainland. .

Recycling price of up to 2,300 yuan and for the new Apple Tablet PC and iPhone 5 will land on the mainland market next Friday, Gome, Suning, Dazhong appliance sales stores as the channel is also a surprise.

Among them, Gome and Dazhong have launched a trade-in activity for Apple products, involving all Apple's smart phone products and tablet PC products. Gome said that Apple's product depreciation and depreciation activities that will begin today will be returned to the Gome Shopping Card. Customers can buy new Apple products with their cards, and they can buy any other electrical products in the store. The depreciation standards are posted in Beijing. Gome and Dazhong stores. Taking the iPhone as an example, the lowest 8G version of the oldest 3GS mobile phone has a recycling price of 400 yuan, while the iPhone 4 has a recycling price of 1,500 yuan to 1,800 yuan, while the WiFi+3G version of the iPad has a recycling price of 1,600 yuan. 2300 yuan.

And Beijing Suning also announced that it will launch the iPhone series product trade-in activities from next Friday, and that the old machine purchase new machine can be lowered by as much as 900 yuan. In addition, Suning also announced that as of now, Beijing Suning accepted the iPhone5 booking has exceeded 3,000.

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