A lens that can be clipped on the mobile phone, Mobi-Lens makes the mobile phone photography better

Everyone knows that there are many kinds of SLR lenses, ranging from thousands of cheap to tens of thousands, and the imaging quality of the lens will also have a great impact on the photos taken. Recently, on Kickstarter, someone designed lenses for mobile phones, tablets, and computers. These lenses even have macro, wide angle, and fisheye.

The Mobi-Lens lens is very simple. Its lens is mounted on a small clip. When you use it, you can directly select a different lens type and clip it on your mobile phone or notebook. This is designed by a pair of brothers and sisters in Los Angeles, the purpose is to enable everyone to achieve more powerful shooting functions on mobile devices or laptops. For example, a macro lens can shoot very small things, a wide-angle lens can shoot a larger field of view than an ordinary lens, and of course the fisheye is larger.

Less than two weeks after its release on Kickstarter, Aris and Evette brothers and sisters have received $ 12,000 in support, and the project is expected to raise $ 34,000. When the project is successful, supporters who donate $ 30 will get a black standard wide-angle or macro lens, and donate $ 35 to get a standard fisheye lens. At present, the project has 239 donors. Mobi-Lens still has a month to go. I wish them to achieve their goals.

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